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  1. I´d say both. Even though DST is overhauled with extra content and so, it will start to be boring at some point. So playing unique Shipwrecked or Hamlet DLCs for a change might be very refreshing. The only crucial things missing in DS are skins imo
  2. Why do you care about the newbies anyway? You are playing the game already so I assume you are able to survive a couple of hours. If you have some new friends, teach them and screw the rest. They can learn the same way we did. That simple. And btw, finding how the game works on ones own made the game unique, challenging and amusing. A true survival game at last.
  3. Haha. and when I said basicaly the same, I was a monster eh. What would be next, a big message on a loading screen saying "Warning for the brainless, summer is hot, winter is cold, spiders bite and big, noisy and ugly creatures are not your friends"?
  4. Actually, I´ve never thought about this formula, I allways kill him right away for the sake of my structures, and for the sake of his eye (cos my eyebrella allways dissapears when I leave it on the ground, I suspect catcoons ) and then I just enjoy winter
  5. Hello, I´m not sure if this was addressed already (did not find such topic) but my knobbly trees are getting this visual bug quite often. It happens randomly to all transplanted knobbly trees after connecting (not to the above average or great tree trunks) and it persists even after change of the growth stage. Only reconnecting helps, but not allways.
  6. I did not say that newbies cannot play together, I said they should not be allowed to join game of the skilled players. There should be 2 levels of players - the newbies and skilled ones (and the 1 game year will be the threshold) Thats the difference. Didn´t think it will butthurt somebody so quickly Oh or even better, finish the Adventure mode of DS and only after you can download the DST. Perfect solution
  7. I vote NO, there should not be any tutorial (that´s what is making the game awesome and challenging). Also, absolute newbies should not be allowed to join others until they solo survive a certain number of days (whole year with all seasons would be a proper time to test them).
  8. I play Woodie these days and with his 150 health etc it feels like immortal WX. Maybe having an option to select a character in a "hard mode", which alter their stats to the ones of Wes, including hunger drain etc. could be a good idea. Why? Cos Wes is just damn ugly. Imagine for example Wolfgang with Wes´ stats, sounds like fun...
  9. Everyone has a problem with lots of unwanted stuff and junk and lure plants just dont eat everything. There were few suggestions on how to solve this, so I have one too... Inspired by Shipwrecked DLC, where is a mechanic, when everything thrown into the ocean will eventually sink, heavy objects faster, light ones slower. It would be awesome to have this mechanic in DST too. Did not observe anything like this in DST so far, and if it is there, it is really slow.
  10. Or something more simple yet elegant... do it like in Shipwrecked DLC, throw unwanted items into the ocean and wait for it to sink. Heavy objects faster, light ones slower... Maybe the mechanic already is in DST, but if so, it takes ages for items to sink
  11. Really? Ever heard about ice staff, watering can, water balloons and tons of other stuff that can extinguish or prevent fires? Its allways easier to disable it in the menu rather than actually paying attention to the game (the smoldering and actual fire). You can also make a base under canopy of knobbly trees or if you are that bad in DST, go visit caves during summer. What will be next... keeping belly full is annoying, so let´s remove hunger?
  12. Huge world, allways looped and random branching. Circle shaped world if possible, with at least one waterlogged biome in the middle and ofc with all the necessary setpieces (reed trap, tall fort, dev graveyard etc.). Oh and the only thing I allways disable is forest petrification
  13. Maybe some buff food that prevents transformation for a couple of segments or some moon amulet exclusive to Woodie which works only during the moonstorm event would be nice...
  14. I have never played DST with other people, allways solo. Don´t want them to ruin mah world...