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  1. simple MOD i need (help)

    yeah sorry ive made an other forum in that section i dont know to close this here is an similir mod but for discord but i want it in the HUD not in character selection
  2. need help for a MOD i need

    is this possible?
  3. need help for a MOD i need

    i know but i want a button that i dont have to press TAB then the flag i want it near the day survived (in HUD)
  4. i need a simple mod .. a button on the HUD that when u click it open an URL to a steam group if someone is interrested in making that please respond have a nice day:)
  5. simple MOD i need (help)

    or even in the HUD with an icon that u can click when you play
  6. i need a mod that when u click to read a sign it get you to an URL like my steam group can someone do this mod for me please?