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  1. Sorry mate, I dont get you : "Standardized exit codes and allowed password input to be redirected for scripting " ? - what is your meaning/concern ?
  2. I just tested and the external tool depotdownloader does work. The format is a little bit different than the steam console command : depotdownloader -app 457140 -depot 457141 -manifest 2905984565811538324 -username <your steam username goes here> -password <your steam password goes here> You can get the depotdownloader from here : You need to unzip this into a folder, then use command prompt or powershell in that folder, and type the command as I gave above substituting your steam username and password. If you have steam guard you will then need to type in the code you are sent in your email. It will then download into a subfolder of "depots" from where you ran the command.
  3. Did you guys try the steam console command : download_depot 457140 457141 2905984565811538324 I did retry it again today and it WAS working for me.
  4. This is a really lovely forum with nice energy. I am not going to go down this route with you.
  5. Well it has put me to a lot of trouble and other people too. Angry is the wrong word though, I think it is a dumb choice to let this happen and it IS a choice. If software is mission-critical on RNG then that has to be under control and own implementation of that, esp if you gonna do any procedural generation. Aught to have been identified as an issue and a decision made before project started. IF NOT and caught with pants down halfway and RNG algorithm in library changed, then it is easy enough to go look up the implementation of System.Random on previous version of Mono and make own version of Random(KleiRandom say in this case) so that it is used consistently, search wherever random numbers are requested(hopefully in just 1 nice place where world is created) and replace with KleiRandom, test to make sure its working. Jobs a good one, time for tea then a beer. Dont think this takes an afternoon mate. IF that is the only factor and I suspect its not, I suspect spawn % are changed for various things and tracking between versions are not being kept in the seed#. So its likely a bit more complex than just making sure that RNG is consistent, if they are changing spawn% then version info needs be tracked, as the same seed number would then generate a different set of geysers(say). I am a professional at this, I am good at it, its prob about the only thing in life I am good at. And were I the creator of this program, I assure you it would take me no more than afternoon to fix this. - old random number generator.
  6. Why o why does the whole map need to change for the SAME SEED on a new update??? May I suggest that in the massively long seed-number S-FRX 1932145214124123412-0, that part of that is the version information which links to the procedural code tables to generate the map. Such that the SAME SEED always generates the SAME MAP, regardless of version. Old seed types can be no-longer auto-generated with new game updates, for new geyser types or whatever, but there should certainly be compatibility with old seed numbers. You might get an old map if you use an old seed, without all the latest whatever, but a lot of ppl can live with that. And trying old maps/old versions is pretty cool also. I just dont get this implementation decision. TNI website needs to be completely redone every change. Old seeds no longer work. IF you have the misfortune to be halfway through your map when the game updates, suddenly all the geysers are different!! Seriously guys, you didnt think this would irk people who are several(in 100s even) cycles into their base when suddenly the geyser becomes something it should not??? And all the planning around that geyser being there wasted??? Yes, this does piss people off, for anyone who is asking. This is causing a lot of trouble and work for the community and is completely un-necessary. And annoying a lot of people, not just me. Come on, guys, you have enough numbers, find a way for backward compatibility. Maybe that -0 at the end becomes the old version number if u want to use an old version for the seed for example. Easy to do everyone is happy. -0 or <current version number> is the current version, else any other number means that version. Could program it myself in less than an afternoon, and look at how much trouble this is causing community, with all our tools and maps suddenly not working on every update. People are asking to download old versions from steam. Sort it out, guys. Gavin786
  7. That is a good idea. Does seem like YouTube is missing a trick, plenty of YouTubers would pay for a premium support/backup service for their channel. Only thing is greedy company like Google probably gonna degrade anyone who does not pay's service even further. Carrot + stick. I said many times these companies Google/Facebook/Youtube are so big, ubiquitous that they need to stop being treated as privately owned companies and start being treated as a public utility like water, gas, electricity. They pretty much cannot be lived without in this day and age. Censorship is rife in these services and the first amendment is just a joke to be laughed at, yet they have made it so they cannot be held accountable as a publisher, and they just squash any views they disagree with. Neo-technocratic-tyranny. Sorry mate, I dont get this joke, no idea what you trying to say here!
  8. Still no Brothgar? What a disgrace, I complained few times now on his channel about the crypto scam to try and get it back. Things need changing at YouTube, esp for those who get money from their videos. Just gets worse and worse for them as the neo-technocracy-tyranny grows. Is there even anything we can do as a community or individually to try and get it back?
  9. Modular Reservoir

    It is good design and simple, and for most needs perfect. Situation I wanted though is if the left-most storage was full then the left input pipe would not block but would fill the next available one instead, so there can be a constant flow of all pipes and never a "waiting" if one of the storage is full. On this design once left storage gets full then no more input can be accepted on left pipe even though one might have 3 empty storage containers on the right. It is not so simple to do this, I did go through several iterations before coming up with this design, and have wanted to do it since start of ONI serious play pretty much, its just I wasnt good enough with pipe flow mechanics to pull it off(till now). Looking again at this design I have actually been through an analogue of this(working with gas tho at the time). I did try various combinations of bridges to join together the pipes in a series of "IFs", if this is full move to pipe 3 etc etc. Could never get it to work perfectly. As far as mods go its my policy(and on KSP also) to use QOL and informational mods, anything to automate/inform but not to alter fundamental properties of the game, so for example autopilot but not a new wing type with properties not in stock gameplay(to continue kerbal analogy). Scissors is probably only mod I use that breaks this rule, that is a feature really aught to be in stock though. Gavin786
  10. For anyone who has this same problem(and it really sucks), here is what I did: You can roll back the game to the last patch then uncover the geysers as a priority(my base is relatively stable at cycle 100 for o2 and food etc) so I have the luxury to do this. It is NOT where I wanted to do this in my build order, however. Better than the alternative however. The steam console command is : download_depot 457140 457141 2905984565811538324 This will download the previous version from before the current patch cycle(which works perfectly, the only things in this patch are compatibility changes for mac users). It does NOT copy the files over the ONI install, you must do this manually(after making a backup). Only negative is mods that are already compiled for .net 4.0 and have dependency on it will break if used. Hope this helps someone else in this miserable situation. Gavin786
  11. Ok, so I had a map seed of a map I wanted to play. I did already use the sandbox to map out the map and confirm it matched the map from toolsnotincluded, I even made a hand-drawn(and accurate) map of all the geysers and types. Now the problem is I have just uncovered them and they are totally different than the ones that I saw previously(on same save/playthru). What is going on ? Really annoyed as I have planned base already and am only on this map because of the setup of geysers. Looks like they just changed randomly due to update or such. Anyone have ideas ? Gavin786
  12. This is a design for a modular reservoir system. It is a multiple of 4 x storage containers, with a 4-pipe feed-in system. The pipes are configured in such a way as the inputs will not block and liquid will be stored optimally at all times. Similar design is possible with gas storage somewhat easier because of space constraints being loosened. System always tries to fill the left-most container first, proceeding to the right, each pipe can fill any container, priorities rotate such that each input pipe is at priority level 1,2,3,4 one time only in a block of 4 storage containers, hence a modular system as it can be extended by a multiple of 4. I have been trying to get something like this designed/working since I first started on this game, so I hope some people find it useful/helpful at least. Blueprints mod can be very helpful and I have included the blueprints file if this makes life easier for anyone who wishes to try this out. I have annotated my screen shots a little bit as there are some comments that my designs have been hard to follow in the past. Here is a video of the system in action with 2x4 containers = 8 containers. It can be seen that the system can take 4 full flows of liquid + : Here are some more details for those who might wish to build this : Take note of the order the pipes feed into the system, this is important for proper distribution. The top and bottom pipes alternate in their priority: Input pipes need to have priority as then the system can block and back up when full and go through the overflow. This has been through several iterations to get work correctly, which I am quite pleased with now as I have been wanting a machine that does this for a long time. Enjoy the design, ONI players. Gavin786 modularreservoirfull-8bin-4input.blueprint
  13. Following seed is incorrect : SNDST-A-240584277-0, I tried it and confirmed. Look at numbers they are clearly wrong, for example : Iron Volcano Eruption rate: 8.79 kg/s at 2526.85°C Erupts for 838s every 838s Active for 109.1 cycles every 109.1 cycles Calculated average output: 8.79 kg/s There are also 3 copies of this map in the database. It is confusing people and aught be removed, other ppl have posted about this map also I can see above. Gavin786
  14. It was mean. There are some pretty horrible forums out there and we should all be happy this is such a great forum with helpful, nice people. It is important to keep that in mind. This is a really positive place. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune to have been on the <retracted name famously toxic space sim forum> for any length of time will appreciate and do everything they can to keep this lovely forum positive and helpful.
  15. ONI University

    Is this list still being maintained? It is an invaluable resource, we really seriously need something like this(AND for it to be kept up-to-date).