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  1. I agree. Having this middle-ground functionality (Pliers with Dup interaction for connecting + disconnecting) as an option would be perfect. I also would prefer this.
  2. I’m excited about the Spaced Out DLC and have been keeping an eye on it since it was announced, but I’m hesitant to play it since it’s still being developed and I’m not a big fan of alpha/beta experiences. I also don’t like the fact that activating/deactivating this DLC currently requires reinstallation of the entire game. However, I am a huge fan of QoL and UI improvements. For those who have been playing Spaced Out, can you please explain if the latest version contains significant QoL and UI improvements compared to the base game? I’m approaching turn 200 in my current colony in the base game (I’m not sure on the exact count, but this is probably my 6th or 7th colony since I first started playing ONI), and I’m debating if I should continue with it or if I should give in to my curiosity and activate Spaced Out to start a new colony with it. On the one hand if I continue with my existing colony in the base game, then by the time I’m done with it Spaced Out will be more polished with more content and therefore be an easier transition. On the other hand, if I make the mental switch to Spaced Out now even though it’s incomplete and relatively buggy, then maybe I can enjoy an ONI experience with more QoL and better UI sooner rather than later. I’m reluctant to ‘just try it out’ because I know that it will probably be very difficult for me to return to the base game once I start playing Spaced Out; which means that if I do try it out but determine that I’m not happy with it yet, then the most likely outcome is that I will simply stop playing ONI completely until Spaced Out is finished - an outcome that I’d prefer to avoid since I really enjoy playing ONI. I look forward to responses to my question and to other related feedback from this awesome community. Thanks!
  3. Awesome news! Thanks Klei! Are there planned updates to the effects/lethality of germs/diseases for the DLC? Will the new DLC content include anything resembling external events (e.g. asteroid weather, machine accidents etc)?
  4. Thank you. It sounds like this bug got in the way of late game builds. Glad to see it is fixed.
  5. I'm still relatively new to the game. What exactly are the implications of fixing this heat exchange bug?
  6. Awesome news! Thanks for the update! I created a low-power gas filter by combining a gas element sensor, a gas shut-off, and pipe with vent (for the unfiltered gases). Could this bug explain why the wrong gas would sometimes fail to trigger a red signal by the gas element sensor?