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  1. Need someone who can animate a character and also mod to create the files needed to store all the limbs and stuff for the character. Character will have a tail and wings, and will be brightly coloured. I don't just need a artist, i need someone who can animate and make a high quality character. Do not need script done, or other modding needs. I just need a animated, created character, that can be put into the game with little/no hassle on my side. Starting offer for work is 30$. Contact me if you want to work on this.
  2. Need An Artist

    Hello there! I need a good artist with experience in DS/DST art. I cannot for the life of me animate, or draw, and i would really like to create this mod. This mod would be highly based on the game Dust: An Elysian Tail. The character in question is Fidget, which is here: I will pay all fees ONLY after the art has been finished. If you can do this, please inform me. I just need all animations, and basic movement, ect. Just the art. Nothing else. Thank you, and have a good day.