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  1. Hi guys, can anyone tell me how to change the event of a dedi server. I read a lot here , but none of the commands seem to work, server is still in the year of gobbler. What files should I edit , so that even after a restart it stays with the new event. In the log file I am getting this [00:00:11]: LOAD BE [00:00:14]: Could not preload undefined prefab (yotc_shrinecarrat) [00:00:14]: LOAD BE: done [00:00:14]: Begin Session: 0C2879C40ED5B9AB [00:00:14]: saving to server_temp/server_save [00:00:14]: Overriding World Event to: year_of_the_gobbler [00:00:14]: MiniMapComponent::AddAtlas( minimap/minimap_data.xml ) [00:00:14]: MiniMapComponent::AddAtlas( ../mods/workshop-378160973/minimap/campfire.xml )