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  1. Hi there, When my dupes are loading a rocket Solid Oxidizer Tank with Oxylite, they do not respect the storage capacity and keep overloading the tank, somtimes unloading it, but then loading it again over the max capacity... My friends playing ONI for a long time say that it's an old bug. Maybe could you correct it ? Thanks for this great game.
  2. Hi there, in power overlay, electric wires are clearly highlighted. in plumbing overlay, pipes are clearly highlighted in ventilation overlay, gas pipes are clearly highlighted in automation overlay, automation wires are clearly highlighted. These features are very useful. So, in conveyor overlay, why are rails not highlighted ? It's really missing. We have no way to clearly see the global rail system, in order to organize it ? Please implement this feature. Thanks for this great game. EDIT : oh infact, a friend of mine just told me that the rails are effectively colored differently in conveyor overvlay, but with a dark purple color, almost impossible to differenciate from the grey background... Could you make this purple color more shiny ? (like the colors in electric/pipe/automation view)
  3. Some precisions : My graphic card is MSI Nvidia GTX1060 6gb Drivers are up to date v441.87 dated 2020.1.6. (I just reinstall them with a fresh install). I have exactly the same problem with DS Together after installing it. I bought the whole KLEI pack.... By the way, Oxygen Not Included works fine under fullscreen and I can switch back to window 10 desktop without any glitch.
  4. Hi there. Just installed the game under Windows 10. In window mode, everything is fine. If I want to go fullscreen, the screen resolution seems to change (my windows desktop icons became big and messy) before switching to the gme that lloks blurry, as if the 1920x1080 resolution was not set correctly. In the config file, it seems that I have the good values : window_x = 0 window_y = 23 windowed_width = 1920 windowed_height = 1057 fullscreen = true fullscreen_width = 1920 fullscreen_height = 1080 display_id = 0 refresh_rate = 60 use_small_textures = false bloom = false distortion = false HUDSize = 5 dynamic_loading_level = 0 screenshake = false I tried windows 8 compatibility mode. No success either. By the way, is there a "Windowed + no border + fullscreen" mode ? Please help.