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  1. Sometimes I load a new game after new game and the game settings always change back with every new game start. Is there an option to set the default or a way to make it stop reverting back? If there is one I'm just not seeing it. Not a major issue but an annoying one for me.
  2. I don't compare food to oxygen. For me food would only be overpowered if you didn't need dupes to harvest and care for the plants but my dupes are putting in the work to take care of them. So what if they harvest more food then needed. If players wanted to use the fridges they could choose to do so but now it feels like more of a forced gameplay. It would be okay if food still didn't rot in the fridges but putting it in the fridge doesn't automatically give it the deep freeze. I would rather see an actual freezer implemented into the game. Or have an option to compost the food not needed before having to wait for it to rot. I don't think that's an option is it? I'm not 100% sure. The change is just annoying for me.
  3. How is that overpowered? It's just food. I wouldn't call that overpowered. The food was fine before that. There was no reason to make the changes they made. I've got enough crap going on in my base without micromanaging my food.