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  1. FPS drops very rare, in main menu, I go to mods menu and FPS are in 59.09 and then like 0.5 seconds drops to 58.63, and again 59.09, all the time. In the game sometimes drops to 48, 50, 53,54... and I have a good pc, 1050 Ti i5-8600k 16GB 2666mHz. I have to say I have like 30 mods but my pc can run minecraft at 60 with 200 mods. When is raining FPS also drops, but I have already said my pc is good. The last thing I want to say is that don't put 144hz option if the game only works at 60. The solution can be set FPS unlimited and if I have 300 and drops to 200, i won't feel the FPS drop, but don't limit at 60 please. 2020-09-06 16-06-39.mp4
  2. I have lag when world is saving. For example, when I am fighting and game is saving, enemies hurt me from far away as if I were close to them. Or I pick up objects and it takes 2 more seconds picking up, also picking up twigs, berries, cutting trees... It is very uncomfortable, I want a solution, please. Thanks.
  3. Cuando voy a generar un nuevo mundo, me dice siempre "RESTARTING GENERATION". Tengo que esperar mucho hasta que se genera el mundo y no sé por qué (tengo una GTX 1050Ti, 16GB RAM e Intel Core i5-8600k 3.6Ghz). Después de haberse generado (10 MINUTOS), me va a 60 fps pero sin mods, y yo quiero jugar con mods pero cuando los activo los fps bajan. No deberían de bajar, tengo un ordenador potente. Necesito una solución... Gracias.