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  1. On shipwrecked mobile for android wen i close the game the music keeps playing,the most annoying bug i fund please fix this,this is happening on android shipwrecked version on IOS i dont know,sorry for the bad inglish.
  2. All the bugs from shipwecreked and pocket edition are not resolved please update the 2(two) dont' starve games,bug are this:the phone(android) very hot on shipwreked this is the big problem i see in the game,and is lagging too much and crashing, Now on pocket edition: Visual bugs,crashing,on pocket edition the phone is not too hot like shipwrecked. Please update the game i really want to play dont starves games with no too many problems with this bugs,fix this bugs please klei,sorry for the bad inglish.
  3. I really want to buy hamlet in mobile but i can wait because the game really have a nice graphics and much things to craft, and please klei update dont starve pocket/shipwrecreked mobile,the game is lagging and crashing wen the game is saving and crashing on cutscene wen i open the game,thanks for the attention =D.
  4. Please launch dont starve hamlet for mobile users i'm very eager to play this dlc on mobile and really hope it is well optimized a bit light and fluid and like the others dont starve at least for android 5.0 or others please.and please optmize dont starve mobile in futures updates because have very bugs like crashing,lags,and more,thanks for the attention,sorry for my bad inglish.