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  1. Every time a rocket returns to my colonies, it destroys the gantry (even if retracted). The gantry is placed as far away as it can be to allow dupes access to the capsule, and it doesn't damage on rocket launch (even if still extended). On return, however, it breaks no matter what. It is not a heat issue as thermal overlay shows no issue, so it appears to be a bug.
  2. Your error is a little bit different than mine. I have the exception for "Ice fan workable", but mine says ".worker" where yours is obviously specifically referring to Ellie. I don't know it's pretty annoying at any rate. Game is playing fine (modded or unmodded) but if I have active Ice-E fans it will error out eventually, and then once they do I have to remove/disable them to keep playing.
  3. I have the same crash. My work-around has been to just not use Ice-fans. It seems to fix things but then that's annoying not being able to use them for spot-cooling. output_log ONI.txt