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  1. I think the biggest problem I have with this is the notion that his rework and new powers don't make sense with the lore. Return of Them is solely focused on the growing strength of the moon and lunar magic, which is where his curse came from in the first place. As the power of the moon increased, he de developed new abilities and gained more control over the curse. As for the previous rework itself, it's what made me pick up Woodie again in the first place, and now he's my main. I understand some people's frustration with the changes, but in my experience all of his forms are useful and added more varied gameplay to the character.
  2. Loved most of the content and bosses, used a lot of the new items and explored a lot of the ocean, and there weren't many updates I wasn't excited for in some way. My only problem is with where the story is being left, as it seems like an odd place to end things. I know they'll continue the overall story in the future, but it doesn't seem like there was a big concluding moment to the chapter. Trailer-wise, the fact that "they" have returned via the big eye in the moon makes sense, but as far as gameplay goes, I wouldn't say there is a point in-game that feels like a satisfying story conclusion. The battle and defeat of the celestial champion doesn't have the same story impact as fuelweaver did, and I feel like it should have had a little more "mmph" to it. Overall, though? 8/10 for sure.
  3. I'm a completionist, so my main motivation in game is to kill all the bosses and get all the huge waxed crops. I like to collect the statues and big crops and line them up as trophies in my base.
  4. I think WX's upgradability concept is underused, and (in my personal experience) leads to a lot of players hoarding gears early in the game. Making upgrades available that affect him other ways beyond basic stats would be cool, and I know the devs could come up with some fun stuff for us to experiment with.
  5. I know a lot of people want a new human character, but I feel like the most compelling character designs and playstyles come from the non-human characters. Personally, I'd want another character like Wurt, who's based on one of the creatures already in the Constant. I think a Bunnyman would be the most likely and most interesting choice, but I can see Rock Lobsters, Splumonkeys, Pigs, and other creatures that could potentially be humanized. Alternatively, it could be something entirely new based around the moon and lunar magic (although technically that's already where Wormwood comes from).
  6. I'm far from a Webber main, but I just think it'd be cool to be able to make dens of all the different types of spiders in the game like cave spiders, spitters, shattered spiders, dangling depth dwellers, and warriors. Also, skin sets based on these spider types!
  7. Does the end of the Return of Them storyline mean the end of the moon? Because I feel like that update trailer left a LOT to follow up on. If not, what exactly does the end of this storyline signify? I love where this is going, just a bit confused is all.
  8. Main thing I use it for is spawning Malbatross. Otherwise, I just do Pearl’s quests and nothing more.
  9. Another thing I thought about (although not necessarily something that’s going to bring people back) is more statues! My friends make fun of me for it, but I love making a huge collection of all the boss statues out of moon glass. Adding more statues of mobs like spider queen, the tree guards, varg, ewecus, koalefant, etc. would be cool for decoration, and their sketches could be recorded in some sort of journal similar in function to the cookbook. I know this a REALLY niche idea, but it’d make me super happy. Definitely what I was thinking but forgot to clarify in my original post. Thanks!
  10. This is simple but great. I love DST much more than the solo Don’t Starve game, but I don’t think a moment has really gripped me the same way as Wilson being take onto the nightmare throne and the gramophone beginning to eerily play again. I don’t think this post was meant to degrade anything that Klei has already put out/has planned. I’m super excited for the moon storms and celestial champion. This is more about sharing cool concepts and opinions rather than claiming there’s a lack of content and demanding more, because the team is always providing us with great stuff. As for mods, I’m a console player, so any content that’s already present in mods is sadly beyond my reach.
  11. I think more weather effects would be great. Blizzards in winter, floods in spring, hurricanes at sea, maybe tornadoes or a heat wave in summer? Definitely would lean towards a harder difficulty that more experienced players have been asking for, and would make the peaceful feeling of autumn even more relieving.
  12. I think a new weapon might be cool as another boss drop, especially one with range. There aren't a whole lot of options for truly ranged combat in the game currently beyond boomerangs, blow darts, and Walter's slingshot, so maybe a staff that shoots lasers similar to what the champion does in phase 3 would be cool. Alternatively, it could call down glass meteors similar to the volcano staff from Shipwwrecked, or summon the moon lighting from the storms. I'm honestly pretty content with what the crown offers so far, as once the altars are assembled it just comes down to doing the moon storms again to get another one.
  13. I love me some Woody and Wormwood, but I’ve gotta go with Wolfgang simply due to practicality. The upsides far outweigh the down, he has access to all foods/healing, and is beneficial to the team. Whenever I play solo, however, I prefer Wurt. She doesn’t have much synergy with other non-Wurt players, but I love the vegetarian swamp play style.
  14. I’ve got two, although one isn’t about DST. I’ve never beaten fuelweaver without using Wolfgang and eating Warly’s spiced dishes (although I play on console and mostly fight him solo). I’ve had Shipwrecked on about 3 different platforms and I couldn’t get past monsoon season on any of them.
  15. Any chance someone can get the sprites for Wormwood’s new skin during spring? Debating whether to weave it but I wanna see him in bloom first.