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  1. I love me some Woody and Wormwood, but I’ve gotta go with Wolfgang simply due to practicality. The upsides far outweigh the down, he has access to all foods/healing, and is beneficial to the team. Whenever I play solo, however, I prefer Wurt. She doesn’t have much synergy with other non-Wurt players, but I love the vegetarian swamp play style.
  2. I’ve got two, although one isn’t about DST. I’ve never beaten fuelweaver without using Wolfgang and eating Warly’s spiced dishes (although I play on console and mostly fight him solo). I’ve had Shipwrecked on about 3 different platforms and I couldn’t get past monsoon season on any of them.
  3. Any chance someone can get the sprites for Wormwood’s new skin during spring? Debating whether to weave it but I wanna see him in bloom first.