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  1. I love statues, and I hadn’t even thought about a few mentioned here. The Shadow Pieces should get updated statues when you beat them, and Ancient Guardian definitely deserves one. The Tree Guards and Spider Queen could either be rare drops to avoid world clutter, or they could be craftable with papyrus + living log/spider hat. I thing Poison Birchnuts would be pretty cool statues too.
  2. I really want to get the old drops I missed as well. I think they should update Klei Rewards every time a drop is moved out of rotation, so if you miss it then you can still use your points to get it.
  3. I thought of another idea- item repairing. My friends and I always end up with swords or helmets at 1-2% durability, so much so that we make a boat specifically to store our junk items on. If we could add durability together by dragging one item over another and combining them (similar to how socketing moon lenses works), this could be extremely useful.
  4. Any chance someone can get the sprites for Wormwood’s new skin during spring? Debating whether to weave it but I wanna see him in bloom first.
  5. I think there’s a lot more potential with Pearl’s bottled messages. I think they should reveal certain biomes and points of interest, making exploration much less taxing. Finding Crab King is not fun, plain and simple. Looking for bottles to find his location? That’s more like it (he should also get a map icon once found but that’s another issue). Other than that, I personally love most of the ocean content they’ve added. I’m still waiting for “Them” to return, and for the celestial tribute to gain some more functionality. Other islands and tropical biomes would be cool too, as I’m a big fan of Shipwrecked.
  6. I have a few small things I want to see: 1- Leafy meat counts as both a meat AND vegetable. I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this on the forums, and I think the best way to approach it is to let both Wigfrid and Wurt benefit from the new crockpot recipes. 2- Ancient Guardian statue. In the last QoL, every other boss received a statue except for the Ancient Guardian. As someone who loves moon glass statue displays, I was a bit disappointed to beat him and not receive a sketch. 3- Farming overhaul. I know people will agree that farming in its current state is a bit tedious, and there are many great ideas about how this could be approached better, including planting specific seeds that continually regrow on plots until their roots are dug up. It’d just be much more manageable to not be so tied down to base to continually replant everything after harvesting every two days. 4- World Gen settings. My personal desires are for lunar content dials, allowing the lunar island to generate as part of the mainland, and being able to force spawn set pieces like the reed trap and pig-guarded grass field. This would make the process of obtaining extremely rare world generation more simple and quick. Edit: 5- Refuel the bone helm the same way you can refuel the bone armor. 6- Create a way Merm King drops gold for Wurt, or add the Clever Disguise so she can visit Pig King herself. 7- Make Merm King’s hunger greater so we can leave the base for 4+ days without worrying about his starvation. 8- INFINITE MUSHLIGHTS/GLOWCAPS
  7. I thought I’d heard that somewhere, just wanted to confirm. Thanks!
  8. Leafy meat should either be a vegetable or count as both, not because of biological classification but because of balancing issues. There’s only 3 truly limiting food-based downsides in the games, those being Warly’s crockpot food, Wigfrid’s meat, and Wurt’s vegetables. Warly has no issue when it comes to the question of leafy meat since he can eat it regardless of how it’s classified. As of now, Wurt’s crockpot variety is SEVERELY lacking, meanwhile Wigfrid has no problem because a lot of the best and easiest dishes in the game are meat-based (meatballs, honey hams, peirogi, etc). These new leafy dishes could open up a lot more variability to Wurt’s play style that I feel has been missing.
  9. Totally agree. I love the lunar island and it’s critters. They should make it so that dropping carrots and dragonfruit on the lunar island during a full moon turns them into their animal counterparts, similar to how bath bombs in hot springs work to make glass renewable. Alternatively, if they wanted to buff Wormwood and his plant relations, they could make it so he can combine a carrot/dragonfruit and a living log to create a new animal. It would fit within his lore since he was created using a magical moon stone, he could simply harness its power for other beings too.
  10. For me, the answers are Warly or Wagstaff, plain and simple. Warly has the most clear and important motivation for needing to escape to take care of his Mama. The rest of the characters (a) have yet to receive much backstory (Wigfrid, Wickerbottom, Wes), (b) don’t have a great reason to go back (Wendy, WX, Woodie), or (c) may be better off in the Constant than in the real world (Willow, Walter, Webber, Wilbur). That said, Wagstaff is the choice if we’re going for who has the best chance to let others out of the Constant. I see a lot of people saying Wilson could reverse engineer his gateway, but up until that point he was a seemingly failed scientist who only built the gateway under the guidance of Maxwell. Wagstaff, on the other hand, seems much more accomplished and knowledgeable. I’d bet on him being the one to rescue the survivors.
  11. What I don’t understand is how these characters come through the portal, or where they go when they travel back through the celestial portal. If they’re native to the Constant, where are they coming from? Alternate versions/realities of the Constant? If there’s some part of the lore that explains this, I’d love to hear it.
  12. This doesn’t pertain to Troubled Waters specifically, but Shipwrecked stuff is always a win. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Shipwrecked mechanics in DST, but there’s so much potential even if they added just a few small isles that had that content. Not all of it, mind you, but there’s a lot of fun stuff there. Wildboars, Prime Apes, Fishermerms, coconut and jungle trees, snakes, bosses, etc. The other Shipwrecked characters could be good with some reworks too, like Woodlegs being able to craft raft cannons and find sunken treasures, and Walani being able to make a quick way to explore using her surfboard. Wilbur is my favorite solo character just because of how goofy he is, being a monkey and all. TLDR: I love Shipwrecked, Wilbur is best.
  13. I think most people confuse the addition of better downsides with nerfs. As a lot of people have said, the overpowered characters don’t have downsides that even come close to meaningful. Wolfgang’s sanity drain isn’t drastic enough to be that noticeable. For Wickerbottom, sleeping isn’t really a commonplace thing for most players, and spoiled food is usually allowed to either rot, gets cooked, or is thrown in a crockpot to make better foods with renewed spoilage. WX-78 has low beginning stats, but a few gears solves that problem immediately and can even be obtained in the first autumn. Spring is the only real threat when it comes to rain damage, but by that point you can get an eyebrella from Deerclops. To me, a character’s downside needs to fit their upside. Wendy has a fighting ghost, but she herself does less damage. Walter has ranged combat, but has low stats to counter it. Warly has great recipes and spice buffs, but takes a lot of crockpot knowledge and food to handle his gameplay early game. Wigfrid is great at combat, but needs to use that ability to get food. The Big 3 don’t need to be nerfed, they just need a downside to balance out their upsides.