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  1. I’ve got two, although one isn’t about DST. I’ve never beaten fuelweaver without using Wolfgang and eating Warly’s spiced dishes (although I play on console and mostly fight him solo). I’ve had Shipwrecked on about 3 different platforms and I couldn’t get past monsoon season on any of them.
  2. Blizzards in winter and fog in the spring is something I’d like to see regarding seasons. As for biomes, I’d like a tropical island. I know there’s been a lot of discussion over whether or not to add shipwrecked stuff to DST, but coconut trees, doydoys, water beefalo, monkeys (and Wilbur along with them) would all be cool to see. The lunar islands are great, but I want something BIG to explore.
  3. The ice idea sounds really good, especially for seasons outside of winter! I’d assume it’d work in a similar fashion to the Ice Maker 3000 from Shipwrecked? And I totally agree with you on how it’s used. I probably should’ve been more clear in my original post, but the main thing that inspired an endothermic furnace is that in my worlds I always line up my fire pits with my scaled furnace next to the normal pit. I just like symmetry, so it’d be more aesthetically pleasing to have an endothermic furnace across from the exothermic. I never really intended this idea to be the “big drop” for crab king, just something fun/convenient/good-looking for the base. You’re totally right, I should’ve been more clear in my original post. This was never meant to be the major incentive, just a nice bonus for anyone else who might want something to decorate their base with. It’s kind of like the Waterfowl Can with Malbatross: it has its use but you can totally survive without it.
  4. That’s a great idea! Iridescent gems are definitely becoming more important with the lunar content, and given the Mooncaller’s staff and it’s freezing properties, I think it’d be a much better fit than just plain blue gems would.
  5. I’m sure the creative minds at Klei could come up with a much better name than I could, but I did have ideas about the look. I’d presume crafting would involve blue gems and shells in some way, so it could probably have a rocky texture like the crab king itself, maybe with the blue gems “socketed” like the boss appears? That armor sounds really cool! That’d be another neat drop. I think you said it best with regards to him being a tough enough boss that he could have more loot than others, like the seasonal bosses or Malbatross.
  6. I didn’t know that about the trident! Thanks for letting me know. And I can see where the “easy” idea is coming from, but I didn’t really think about it as making summer easier, just more about symmetry with an already existing structure. By the time most people tackle Crab King, I’d assume it’d be later in the game so it’s more of a convenience the same way the scaled furnace is.
  7. I’ve seen a lot of debate as to whether the loot from the Return of Them bosses makes them worth fighting, and there’s been many good suggestions on how to improve this aspect of design. I saw people discussing in another thread about improving the Malbatross loot, specifically the new Waterfowl Can by making it able to be filled in the ocean, and it lead me to an idea regarding Crab King. As of now, Crab King is a very tanky world boss, and while he drops the Inactive Celestial Tribute when the pearl is socketed, which will surely gain use in future updates, his other drops are pretty lackluster. His only real drops are meat, shells, and the blueprint for the strident trident which is very situational in use. I always thought it would be nice to have an endothermic furnace counterpart to the Scaled Furnace, providing a relief from temps in summer and giving off a little light. I think Crab King is the best way to implement this. He has a freeze attack which is prevalent throughout the fight so it makes sense as a drop for him, and he’s a raid boss with high health which is not too dissimilar from Dragonfly. This is just an idea, and I’d love to hear any other thoughts on this concept.
  8. This isn’t really a specific tip about stats or items, but if you’re not already doing so, try to play with other people. I know some people play by themselves and that’s cool, but this game thrives on teamwork. Not only can you get more done to prep for winter, you can learn a lot about what to do in the game way quicker than you would solo. When my buddy and I started playing together, neither of us were that great, but as we grew to learn the game we were able to share the little things that we picked up on. We got a lot better just by figuring things out together. Once you’re more experienced, playing solo gets much easier.
  9. I personally don’t play with wildfires, but removing this option seems kind of... unnecessary? Disease was more of a nuisance than a challenge so I can see why it was removed, but wildfires actually make the game harder for people who want it. Instead, I propose a way to make it more manageable. My main issue is that flingos need to be refueled a lot depending on what you use as fuel. When you get to the point in late game where you need 5+ flingos just to cover your base, it gets pretty taxing. Maybe if there was an upgraded flingo you could make that lasts longer and has a bigger radius, wildfires might become more manageable as you expand your base.
  10. Any chance someone can get the sprites for Wormwood’s new skin during spring? Debating whether to weave it but I wanna see him in bloom first.