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  1. I've already opened a ticket on the support since 05/07/21. I've opened an another one. BTW the purpose of this topic was to avoid ticket creation and share the info... Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of this and didn't find this info anywere ! But this is not the purpose of my question is "Is ONI from Epic compatible with Spaced Out from Steam ?"
  2. Can someone please share some info about this? (this is a disguised bump) Best regards.
  3. Hello @baba, and thank for the answer. That's what I thought, but I wanted a clear answer from the Klei tech support. Just to be sure and avoid ticket creation with the support team... Best regards.
  4. Hello, I've bought Oxygen Not included on the Epic Game Store (IMO: worst thing todo, no support, no mods, no custom translations,...). If I buy the "Spaced out!" extension on Steam, will it be compatible with my base game ? Or do I have to rebuy the base game on Steam ? Best regards, SuperPoney