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  1. Forget to mention this bug also exist on DS Pocket Edition
  2. Action control (Attack & Pick) & Inventory doesn't work so often, except for the navigate/ left analog movement. Should force close the game, but it'll lose game progress till last saved state.
  3. I've been new to Android Shipwrecked, so far been countering Crocodogs more than 15. But they're only drops monster meat, there's no Hound's Tooth.
  4. This happen to me too, on average every 3 in-game days. I think it happens when I'm clicking/equip inventory item while other in-game activity not yet complete (ie: while eating, picking grass, build something). All of the control & inventory doesn't work (unclickable) except for the analog/movement control. There's no way to fix it, should force close the game to make it works, but it'll rollback the progress no previously saved state (roughly around half day/ depends). It's annoying cuz it happens too often for me. Pocket Edition and Shipwrecked has same issue.