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  1. Yeah me too dude, me too. I mean it's been 4 years! (IDK how many years in the constant tho! :D) And it's enough time to forgive someone if you ask me. Considering all Maxwell has done to him was Their doing not his. (Like the way Charlie tortured Wilson in the "A new reign" cinematic while trying to take the control of herself back.) Maybe they are neutral toward each other now. Maybe even they are friends now! (like how other survivors are toward each other) Oh and do you remember the "...He never liked owing a favor..." part in Maxwell's origin story? Welp, he might have shared some of the "secret" knowledge (finally! XD) of his to return Wilson's favor and that started a friendship between them. We all know how much Wilson loves the knowledge and stuff, specially if he's unfamiliar with it. I don't know man. I do love both characters and their personalities and that's why I don't like to see them as enemies. Besides it's good to have peace and friendship between all survivors! I think they have lots of problems surviving this world already and more hatred will just make everything worse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯