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  1. Same. I skimmed the update for any performance improves or bugfixes that would help anyone with an established base. F.ex. visuals of launching rockets are still screwed. Aquatuners are still experiencing heat loss bug unless you fix it in a contrived way. Still no multi-threading whatsover, so my duplicants are waiting around like zombies waiting for previous duplicants and critters to update their pathfinding. So we are forced to kill all our critters and lock our duplicants out of 95% of our base. Game runs at 15 fps while using 24% of my cpu and ram max. This update has nothing I care about. It seems Klei's expectation is that people will be bored of this game before they notice these game-breaking bugs piling up over time with 1000+ cycles. New content probably sells better than bugfixes but more recreational buildings was not what this game needed. Kind regards, Sepoki
  2. Hey RoboPhred, Thanks a lot for the great work! I was wondering if you could add a function to choose which debris you will destroy when you click "destroy all loose debris" in the Materials section? It would be a great way to deal with lag lategame (it can drop your savefile in size a lot, and ONI doesn't have to calculate the debris anymore, but you will end up destroying a lot of stuff you dont want to destroy) Kind regards, Sepoki