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  1. This also happened to me very often (PS4) Hope they fix it
  2. Someone posted this already and it got marked as fixed so...yeah...
  3. Not a bug, it's a compensation for buying the winged victory set. They removed the offer and made it so the winged victory wardrobe contains the belongings (marble armor, helmet and spear skin) now. Anyone who bought the wardrobe before the update got the belongings and anyone who bought the belongings before gets 5000 spools + gets to keep the skins
  4. Do you know when or if this goes live on PS4?
  5. I don't think you are supposed to keep the food that was in the crockpot tbh
  6. It would be better if they made the cursor move back and forth when you hold the "use" button and when you release it you get teleported
  7. Happens to me too but I noticed it only happens on old worlds. Can't play for 5 minutes without crashing on my day 1097 world but can play for hours without problems on a new one. Edit: Ya it's probably the bee boxes, can't harvest or hammer them without crashing the game. Getting CE-34878-0 too