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  1. Btw you can change your language to english within the game, no need to have your entire console in english
  2. Disappointed to see that crossplay didn't make it onto the roadmap :/ maybe next year...
  3. You can only get up to 8 presents per week, resetting every thursday
  4. This looks like an error code from when a game crashes on Playstation
  5. After the update all my Klaus figure sketches turnt into ancient fuelweaver figure sketches. Another figure sketch -don't know which one- turnt into a beefalo figure sketch. Klaus still drops his own figure sketch though and not the ancient fuelweaver one.
  6. It has been like this for a while now. When I log in, the gifts (from daily gifts/log in rewards/twitch drops) don't pop up most of the time. Not a big deal since I still get the skins, but still a little bit annoying. On PS4 btw.
  7. You simply missed the drop. The starcaller's staff was available until last thursday, since then the glass eyebrella was the twitch drop (until tomorrow).
  8. Click the little arrows at the bottom of the card
  9. I tried killing Antlion in early summer just like the years before, but unfortunately I died (outside of the sandcastle circle, not sure if that matters) due to heavy lag because there were more than 2 players on the server this time... after I revived myself via life giving amulet I decided to bail and just leave it be this summer. Since then antlion has been creating sinkholes every single day at the exact same time (~5-6 minutes into the day) for the rest of the season. He also only targeted me (the host) and neither of the other 2 players on the server with his attacks.
  10. I think it was something like you only get logs from bearger when he is aggroed onto you and destroys trees while following you. When he is just walking around by himself and knocks trees over, they won't drop any logs.
  11. When in the plant registry, you can't move the cursor to the rotten variety of any plant unless you have researched giant version already, like demonstrated in this video.
  12. Uhhh if you are talking about the festive wardrobe skin, it's not even available yet lol You can get it when the full release of reap what you sow gets released