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  1. Moonrock pengulls try to keep their distance from other moonrock pengulls. It doesn't look intentional but maybe it's because of the pandemic idk. You can see it in this video.
  2. When playing Wurt and holding one of Wes' balloons, she is also holding an axe for some reason. I tried it with regular and speedy balloon.
  3. They rot when snow falls. Since he had rain turned off, it also never snowed. That's why they didn't rot for the past few hundred days (as he said) even in winter.
  4. I'm on PS too and have the same issue. Sucks that console gets left out again :/
  5. Yep, "Fixed" means it will be fixed in the next update
  6. I have a similar issue. I am playing Wurt and I built a few new Merm Flortifications, but they don't spawn any merm guards. It's autumn and merm king is alive. Weird thing is, the Merm Flortifications I built before the update, do still spawn merm guards and are only like 2 screens away from the new ones. Also hounds don't come out of their hound mounds unless you attack them.
  7. Thanks dude, those bugs were nasty
  8. This is so sad, I love the new Wurt skin but I can't weave it because I can't turn of Owned Filter