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  1. The pipe was free flowing until about an hour ago when the reservoir filled outside the kill chamber. I know it changes a little, but it was killing 1500+ germs in 2 pipe sections. I’ve used this germ killer for like 300 hours and it’s never killed them that fast outside of the tanks. I know it also slows once it hits double digits inside the tanks, but never have noticed it killing outside in the pipes. I thought it didn’t kill germs in the pipe itself only in the tanks.
  2. Whoops! I didn't even realize that. It's still doing it today, but its reading the germs all wrong still. In the pic you can see there are 4 germs reading, but there's over 1,500 in the tank at the moment. It's now cycling back to the overflow/recycle tank, but as I said it's still reading the germs weirdly. I know that chlorine kills germs super fast, but I don't think it drops from 1,500 to 4 in less than a second.
  3. Hey Everyone, I think I found a bug with the Liquid Germ Sensors in the Spaced Out DLC. Attached are pictures of my typical set up for a auto germ killer with backup storage, but for some reason the water is coming out with 0 germs even though its sitting at about 400 in the tank. Normally what happens is the water will pass the sensor, see it's above 0 germs and reroute to the end of the line to keep killing germs. However, the sensor is constantly reading 0, and dumping on the other end at 0.
  4. I have no idea how it happened, but i went to launch my rocket and it said the location was too far. I looked in the tank and it was showing as below.... haha anyone else run into this?