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  1. Loyalty skins

    Yes, each one of us plays in online. We usually run a “friends only” or a “password” type game, but always online. And always found within the search along with other people’s games. And we have PS+ Like I mentioned, there are several like that are like that (Loyal Knitted Puppy Hat, Pirate Birdcage, Clucky Winter Hat, Cherub's Heart, daggered heart, etc) and a few we all do not have, despite playing during the events, (I’ve listed some). Which again, spurred my curiosity in how to acquire these skins - and this me searching the different wiki’s) I’m aware that some cannot be obtained, as they were only available for PC/steam. We always play together, so don’t know what I’m missing, why we are not being awarded/gifted the rewards for playing during the event for loyalty items. I was under the impression prior that it had to do with just RNG on what we were given, that was before I looked into it a bit more.
  2. Loyalty skins

    That’s what I’m saying, I got the loyalty skin. I logged into play, and no one else got it. Most recently, I got the Halloween event one: The Loyal Rusted Scythe skin was awarded for playing Don't Starve Togetherduring the official Hallowed Nights event in 2019. again, no one else I play with did( all family, each with their own game) Like I mentioned, this is not the only item that this happened to occur for. There are multiple. This is why I am asking on the forum. Trying to get a solid answer and understand.
  3. What dictates when a loyalty skin is awarded? For example, according to the wiki: The Loyal Winter's Feast Lantern skin was awarded for playing Don't Starve Together during the official Winter's Feastevent in 2018. Which, I’d start off by saying - I have, but my family (we play the 5 of us always together) doesn’t. None of them do, as I’m the only one. we’ve been playing this game since launch on ps4, and only recently I’ve been taking a look at the skins and how to acquire them. And that skin isn’t the only thing funky. Like I said, what dictates it? Is it a hidden formula your side uses or is it like the wiki states? Why are so many loyalty skins missing from collection if it’s like the wiki states? please help me understand
  4. The franchise sale is exactly what I was referring to. I had been looking forward to the sale as I had planned to get many, (if not all the skins) And the point of clarification, purchasing anything (be it from steam or Xbox) would **not** transfer to ps4, (like as if our accounts were linked through Klei), that’s correct, right? Woulf ps4 be getting a sale in the future? ( on the shop section there is a filter for discounts which is why I’m asking)
  5. [Game Update] - 168

    Don’t know if this is in topic or not, but in this post talking about the update here, will the ps4 also be included in the weekend sale?
  6. Update info was posted here. The post mentions items that won’t be added to the Psn store, but will be added in the game. However, it makes no mention if ps4 will be included or not in the weekend sale. Will it be? likely a dumb question, but I just felt I had to ask for verification