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  1. Ban Xenologist because I was wearing green underwear! >:D
  2. ┐(︶▽︶)┌ I see now. XD Uh, let me think for a few years... Edit: Okay, so I found some names I think would be acceptable. Um, some are human names... I dunno if that’s okay..? But here’s the names anyway: Milly, Lily, Poppy, Bella, Hershey, Sophie, Mochi, Dolly, Piper, and Rosy. I just made a list because I can’t pick... ._.” Or, orrr, If you don’t like any of the names from this list... Just tell me and if you want I can strain my brain cells a bit more. ;D
  3. Also, I like this one a lot. It's very noice.
  4. Ban GetNerfedOn because it is indeed random, as life usually is.
  5. Martha Stewart! :> I'm jk. I for one have a lot of trouble with names... But I'll try to help anyway. One thing that could make it easier is if you make a list of names you like and then 'we' can just... Uh, vote. Or if you don't want to I could try to force some more brain cells to work in my head! ;D Also, what kind of names? Like names that a human wouldn't normally be named, or... Something else?
  6. Ban GetNerfedOn because I'm afraid I do not abide by those same rules.
  7. Ban GetNerfedOn because their profile picture is a character from MARIO, AND MARIO BAD! >:O