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  1. sellouts. Feeling bad now about purchasing the ONI's DLC several weeks ago. it was deerclopse all along!
  2. My desktop broke and I'll have to buy a new PC just to play oni again... Family not going to eat this month --- In a serious note - thanks for more content! Devs are awesome.
  3. do you have a photo for phone users? are the pistons on the same side?
  4. I always have a dilemma of how to approach in helping. should I just build stuff as I see fit or should I give matirels to the people who are more veterans in the group?
  5. Thats awsome! I played around in sandbox to check things out and it seems like there are some very cool concepts added. Especially for people who like logic gates and automation and all the efficiency-factorio-features in ONI, which I think most of the hardcore players do. Building hammer and notification sensor both sound a bit similar right? Hope to try a bit more out on the weekend when I have free time, although im pretty decisive if to play now and share feedback-opinion or just wait for the final cut so I wont be disappointing of cut-features I liked. To be fair i think the smart-storage power was a mistake. What ended happening is big part of players prefered exploiting some game mechanic (like pressure sensor) instead of using it. Or just avoid using it all together (CONSTANT 60w is a bit demanding)
  6. always nice to see bug fixes and maintenance work. gj.
  7. Played pirated version of ONI when it was in alpha. I hadn't buy a game in months, but this game proved to be good throught the whole process so I did end up buying it. Really waiting for the next DLC, feel like the game can be expended much more ;P