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      UPDATED - Studio Note & Rhymes with Play Streams Temporarily Canceled.   03/06/2020

      UPDATE (3/19/20): Just a quick note regarding the team at Klei Entertainment. As noted previously, everybody at Klei Entertainment is working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Many of us have been working especially hard to help maintain operations as we all move out of the office and into our homes and with everything being done online, extra time must be spent in organizing conversations and trying to maintain communication. As some of you may know, we have a very open office and we are almost always in contact with each other as we go about our days. Some of us work across multiple teams and that work has become a bit more challenging for everybody.   That being said, at this time the transition has not caused any major disruption in our operations, but it would be overly optimistic to expect that we won't have any delays at all. We're going to have to be especially mindful about this in the coming weeks and make sure we don't take on too much work so we can keep things running smoothly.  We will let you know as we see how these changes affect our timelines.  Thanks UPDATE (3/10/20):
      The test yesterday went well. We got the whole office (mostly) to work from home without significant issue. As a result, Klei Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so until further notice.  This means that we will have to cancel the Rhymes with Play stream until we are all back in the office. This shouldn't affect anything else at least in the short term, but if things change I will update you all here.  Original Post: Hey everybody,  This Tuesday March 10th, 2020 the entire staff at Klei will be working remotely for 1 day in an effort to prepare the studio to work remotely for a little while if the need arises.  Klei is already set up pretty well to allow for working remotely, however we are going to have a one day "dry run" with the whole studio so that we can identify and avoid any issues or downtime that may arise should choose to implement a work from home policy due to COVID-19 outbreak concerns. Unfortunately this does mean that we will be canceling the “Rhymes with Play” Art stream this coming Tuesday, however unless the situation changes we expect everything at the studio to be back to normal Wednesday and we’ll continue our regular stream schedule Thursday March 12th. If the situation changes at all, we'll let you know. Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. @I_Disagreewith this statement. If anything, it is how I show my affection toward her and her well being. I merely try to defend her from the Klei's rework, for I find those rework distasteful. @I_Disagree. From my experience in playing on public servers, Wigfrid seems to dominate the server's population.
  2. Wes needs to win the rework

    @I_Disagreeon the idea that Wes does not need a rework because he is a challenge character.Also, @I_Disagree that Wes did not get the first rework. #voteforwes
  3. Wes needs to win the rework

    I fully agree on the idea of Wes being the first to be reworked this year. #voteforwes
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    But the character's name is Weoj instead.
  5. Everyone but Wendy on the following order: Wes > Everyone Else > Wilson > Wendy Or if counting new characters or reworked copy of existing DS character from DLC or something: Wes > Everyone Else > Wilson > Also Everyone Else > Wendy
  6. Wendy Rework?

    Or we can just not rework Wendy. Problem solved. Now, I do have some recommendation if Klei do plan to rework Wendy: Firstly, the ability for Abigail to wear hat and body related thing. Can't we just put a thulecite crown on Abigail to make her happy even in death? Second, the ability to share the pain and healing between sisters. Since the focus of her character is the bond between sisters, perhaps this can be used instead. Not sure if Abigail's regeneration will affect Wendy, I'll leave it up to Klei to decide. For the ratio of damage/healing sharing, I'll also leave it up to Klei. Third, count Abigail as player ghost that cannot be revived. As long as she "lives", the world will feel like it has lost one more survivor. The benefit includes Abigail not dying to Clockwork Rook in three charges because she count as an uncontrollable PLAYER instead of an uncontrollable MOB. I suppose Abigail can still count as Mob if Klei want to. Fourth and lastly, the inability to create more flowers but replaced with other method to retrieve Abigail's flower. Since Wendy cares so much about Abigail, it wouldn't be in her nature to just leave her flower on the ground. I'll leave the method to Klei. I don't even care if I have to get her flower manually. I'm sure Wendy would risk everything to get her sister's flower back. I'm doing this so that her rework would be less painful, for me at least. On a side note, I feel like Abigail's AI can remain the same as is. Since I think ghosts are limited to their most fond memories or something. (Please don't start an argument about ghosts and what they think.) I also feel like the other character deserves much more loves... Can't we just rework Wes so James have to do the Wes Rework video?
  7. What do I want? No. Wendy. Rework. What I expect? A grander scheme from "The Return of Them", and the occasional character rework starting with Wendy as the first rework. I also expect at least a new character to join the "Spool Party". As someone who plays a fair amount as Wendy, I can say that Wendy is fine without the rework. By fair, I mean all of my time playing Don't Starve Together. In my opinion, she is easy to learn but hard to master. ALSO in my opinion, it is easier to master a thing instead of two things. AND ALSO in my opinion, Bernie doesn't count. The only buff Klei have given to Wendy is that she can make more Abigail's flowers, and IN MY OPINION this already count as a rework and a massive buff to Abigail. And another OPINION I would like to add: Wendy is balanced, much like Wilson, and I would prefer it that way. On a side note, I made this account because the threat of Wendy rework is coming closer and I can stand silent no longer.
  8. A freshly placed Lureplant can be sacrificed to revive Abigail.
  9. Wendy Rework?

    Short answer: No.