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  1. Cool and warm sweaters should be weared according to the area. Yes, I could do that with a duplicant checkpoint by prohibiting certain dupes from entering a cold or hot area. But that would have a disadvantage, less workwers allowed. With a locker and a clothes checkpoint, dupes would wear a cool or warm sweater passing by and leaving it in the checkpoint locker when leaving the area in the opposite way, just as atmo suits work, but without power or oxygen. As long as there are sweaters, they could pass. This wont be hard to do. I bet that there are even mods around that do it.
  2. This problem could be solved measuring the tune up lifetime in watts instead of time. That way, a 5000 watt tune up could be used when it produces all those surplus watts insted of 3 days. That way, even a manual generator tune up could be worth it. I also think the metal in the chip should be retrieved. Tune up chips cost time of an able dupe to install and time (or oxygen) is a resourse in this game.
  3. Algae terrariums could have an improved version with this advantages: 1-plumbing system. Like toilets, water comes in in one spot, polluted water comes out on the other. 2-Algae producers. Instead of consuming a little algae for upkeep, algae terrariums could produce a little algae when harvested from time to time. 3- Oxygen production decreases a little when out of carbon dioxide. This "high tech" variant of the algae terrarium could make the terrarium competitive in later stages of the game, cause dupes have trouble disposing of polluted water bottles quickly and it takes 4 working terrariums per dupe. It could also make terrariums viable in far away places. Thanks for reading.