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  1. 3 minutes ago, ScottHansen said:

    Thanks again for all the feedback! 

    We at the office (home offices) also enjoyed the risk/reward gameplay of the original revamp. In the end though, after reading all the feedback and reassessing how it was implemented, Wendy was not the best character to give this to. Since there are a number of people here who really enjoyed this mechanic, it will be saved for someone more appropriate. It's been suggested a lot that we give it to Wes, which might work, but we will probably end up saving it for a new character.

    Thank you. This is what a lot of people have pointed out and I agree.  Wendy is supposed to be the risky caharacter. She is the one who works with her sister.  Personally I believe the petals were an amazing idea that really bring out the idea of working with your sister.

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