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  1. Thank you. This is what a lot of people have pointed out and I agree. Wendy is supposed to be the risky caharacter. She is the one who works with her sister. Personally I believe the petals were an amazing idea that really bring out the idea of working with your sister.
  2. So I've heard about the next rework most likely being soon for DST and people wanting a Wendy Rework. I very much want this because I play Wendy and I have some input on this possibly. Wendy) So currently as it Stands, Wendy only deals 75% damage and loses 25% less sanity from night/dusk and other sanity auras. This is it. None of it should change, but there needs to be more that still makes sense to her character. Personally, I think one of the additions should have to do with Graves. Sanity loss should be lowered to at least 10 and the chance for ghosts should be lowered. A thought some people had was that she should also be able to more easily revive people. She might take less damage for effigies and telltale hearts (30 or 20 not 40). She should also lose less or NO (preferably) sanity from ghost players (HER SISTER IS ONE). Abigail) as it stands for Abigail, She has her flower, takes 50 sanity to summon, has 600 health with 1hp per second of healing and does an AoE attack of 10, 20, 40, during Day, Dusk, Night, respectively. I think this is good, This currently stands very well for Wendy's role as a group mob person via Abigail. The problem is bosses and control. I think that for boss fights Wendy could make certain objects that tinker Abigail's role in the fight. They would turn Abigail into more of a support (giving Wendy MORE than 100%, higher Armor, or speed boost for a bit). These objects would take up sanity like it does to summon Abigail, though not as much. They should be a little expensive and last a decent amount of time but not too long (30 sec?) For crafting it might take nightmare fuel or petals, and items that correspond with there purpose. For better control of Abigail, maybe you could pacify, or force Abigail to follow close behind you if she is fighting something you don't want. I also think if you are in a rare situation where you have to attack Abigail and un-summon her, it should take WAY less time for her flower if you are the one to kill her. Other Stuff) I don't want a Woodie problem again. If Wendy is reworked and a video is released, IT NEEDS TO ACTUALLY HAVE LORE. Have it be the twins playing when they are younger (this fits for what we got for Warly), something alluding to how Abigail died (or how Wendy can summon her), or how she might be related to Maxwell. NOT some random stuff of her new powers.