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  1. Hi!! i’m a lesbian n’ i’d love to have more friends to play with! my steam is vicidius, and my discord is ken#0003 ❤️
  2. Thanks, I was goin for spooky >:D
  3. Yep! This is an AU, and Willow does replace Charlie. I actually have a doodle of Grue!Willow! Here she is :0
  4. hi! first and foremost I uh, had an old account on here (Koffee01) but I may or may not have forgotten the email and login I used. so, here we are. anywho- I recently got back into ds and wanted to share some art! hope u all enjoy I wanted to pick back up on the Cyclum redraw from abot a year ago (Original post here). I'm not quite done, but nearing completion. Here's some of my favorite panels so far! (and an obligatory triumphant Wilson doodle bc this comic has me in a shadow wils mood)