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  1. Horrendous lag in base

    Some things that easily trigger it is turning night, snow, rain, fire. I notice when none of those are a factor it’s smooth. Having a base near the pig king is a huge no, that whole biome seems laggy almost always. It’s only day 2 on ps4 for me, so I’ll post anything I see triggering lag. This is all split screen by the way.
  2. Broken Hit Detection

    Yes... I literally just experienced this as Maxwell... on Xbox no problem, I come to ps4 and my girlfriend and I died due to taking 2 hits to register 1..
  3. Hello, I’m just coming from Xbox one x to the PS4 pro with my girlfriend and I. Noticed that the lag is unbearable. It’s not my internet, it’s the game. My heart is literally shattering here because I wouldn’t have swapped to PS4 if I would have known there was issues like this. I don’t understand how a simple game can’t run at a solid 60 FPS. This is our main game for months and would love to hear of a fix or one coming. Please give ps4 some love Klei <3