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  1. How do you feel about Winona now?

    My only idea is that she can craft stun turf which needs power and would act like web but deal damage and stunlock enemies but require her generator
  2. A Small Webber Buff

    They should add a web trap 2 silk 1 venom it would spring up and cocoon players or pigs and smaller and larger creatures tangled the smaller creatures would be die after 1 day whilst players need freeing or end up losing 50 sanity and gain a permanent sanity loss 10 percent and can only be cured by burning a nest down (Venom would be a new spider type which would be tier 3 only and have a knock out effect after 30 seconds of being sluggish whilst dealing a total of 30 dmg from venom but if they fall unconscious in the nest they lose max health) Another craft would be trapping chest 1 silk 2 venom it would knock out any creature or player who opens the chest great for countering cramp Another would be webbing unconscious players 5 silk which would the make the player dragable and make captured for 1 more segment of a day Another could be a weapon which would inflict knock out with a new bar after 3 hits a player would be venomed but if hit again they lose 5 seconds of time to escape this would also apply too the venomous the new spider which must be manually tamed Finally when webber is about to die on a tier 3 spider nest he made, a 10 percent chance for a spider lord to be summoned 5000 health and deal 200 to creature and 150 to player it will also have a 5 percent chance for venom and drop the spider staff a weapon which will cocoon any non boss and if used by webber make a teir 3 nest become a tameable queen which can cocoon any non boss and will defend webber from bosses by summoning spiders equivalent to a tier 3 Note these are options not all of them at once