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  1. AWW MY GOSH.... thats the cutest i love it ;___;
  2. @gaymime ooh i dont think ive ever drawn him thatll be a nice challenge ^_^ i'll try 2 get around to doing that sometime tomorrow!
  3. I AM ASKING..... :points index fingers together: yess i love dragonhead's way of drawing wilba as well! <3 ive actually been rewatching a lot of ghibili movies recently hehe i luv those films
  4. woww its been a while huh! sorry for the absence ive been busy with school and work >_< but i hope to draw more ds fanarts soon cos i mean who else is gonna draw wilba......... this was inspired by burgundycrepes i love the way they draw wilba <3<3 and this one's a bit old buuut adult wilba!
  5. GOOD WILBAS !! i luv the way u draw her and wurt <3
  6. reference to this oh and i 4got to share this i did it last month, it's an adult design for wilba : ')
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIGFRID and here's an older drawing i dont think ive shared on here alsoo jsyk im using twitter now ;3 go follow me and mayb retweet somthin if u like it please and thanks u *touches index fingers together*
  8. cuteee!!! i like how u gave her the little neck frill ^__^
  9. roseate wurt O_O couldnt decide which filter i liked best lol