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  1. Just wanna comment about the meteor thing, no. It still crashes even out of render distance from my experience atleast. For me, that's what makes Dont Starve fun, you made a mistake and you try to fix it in your own creative way. Honestly, it's much more enjoyable for me to just endure the hardships rather than winning all the way.
  2. Hmm, that's actually downside right there Although I see it as a advantage because you can simply store em' for later time to help you in boss fights(kinda).Unfortunately, there are always few instances where this can be annoying.So I agree with you. Yeah, you're right.
  3. Alright guys, I just want to ask ya'll about the matter of Woodie himself and push the transformations aside. IS WOODIE really have an actual downside? Or is he just another Wilson with new abilities? What do you guys think? I have been asking myself about this after I understand behind Freddo Film's idea.
  4. Excuse me, my knowledge about RoT is very limited.
  5. Okay, so you're saying getting the salt AND stone trees are the priorities, is that correct?
  6. Hey woodiemain, I am struggling to find the lunar island because of the vastness of the ocean.Sometimes I only found other parts of the big island.Should I discover the whole island first or search for the lunar island?
  7. Basically, you need a time table.
  8. Another important thing to note, Woodie players have to keep track of moon cycle.I believe him and (probably) Wilba are the only one who need to keep this in mind. Like annual flood at Nile River, if a person able to benefit from this, one would consider moon cycle as a blessing while otherwise would consider it as a curse. Especially the case of 0 hunger per full moon, you don't want that hunger goes 'egg' not for nothing.
  9. I always thought Wilson would be more suitable into science-y thing and not into these mightmare stuffs, but fair enough.
  10. I understand you Superwolfkid, but don't starve together don't work that way, unlike DST, in DS you need to level up to unlock more characters and you start up with only Wilson.This gives the new players no other choice but to choose Wilson first. Unfortunately, it does not works the same in DST. DST is all about co-op (or PvP), other characters has their own abilities(and downsides) except Wilson(except his beard). This make Wilson less likely to be use because he lacks that co-op ability, instead he is just 'an average dude'. I am not implying Wilson are useless, I am just saying he isn't that much of a utility for his teammate. I hope you understand me.
  11. Hmm, I for one do not agree with number 4. AOE + 59.9 damage!! + 3 hit succession sets a victim/ set victims on fire + cheap costs = PvP bane. The rest are fine (probably). Honestly, I only wanted Wilson rework to be like this, his rework doesn't involve any crafting, perks or anything that spoils his role as a 'balance character' so-to-speak. I suggest that his rework are more into helping new players or providing useful information. Example, his ability in examining things, seriously though, examining is almost useless except for lorewise in this game. When he examine, he gives us the information about time, durability, health, uses of things, ect. This greatly enhance the knowledge for the beginners so that they can improve their gameplays. Klei should suggest the new players to play as Wilson first in Don't Starve Together in someway or another. Hopefully ya'll can correct my mistakes in my idea or share you thoughts.
  12. Ahh, I suppose you are a non-solo don't starve player. Perhaps I should reconsider my woodie strats.
  13. That is actually a good idea to be honest. Reminds of Ben10 a bit... Also, Wolfgang. Because he is now more food consuming and OP. Total PvP checkmate outright from the beggining. Sorry low health characters.(Excuse me for my overly-sarcastic jokes)
  14. Thanks. I tried that, and guess what? I ended up wasting probably about 5 days and I barely got any seeds again.
  15. Oh wow, I tried that strategy but I barely got any seeds when I tried to search for them. An exact opposite happened when I decided not to search for them.