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  1. @penguin0616 I have literally no idea how that works though
  2. Nope. Isn´t displayed there at all somehow I already tried that but I don´t see through it at all
  3. When I go onto a website with it in my browser it then opens the Steam Client only on the home page and not from the mod tools or anything. Maybe I´m just to stupid and don´t know where exactly I cand find the mod tools there. Every tutorial says I should go to library and then tools but I just don´t seem to have that option
  4. I´ve been wanting to make a mod for Don´t Starve but since I downloaded it from GOG and not Steam I can´t download the modding tools. Because of that I can´t compile the artworks and it just displays a default character when I launch the game. Is there maybe an other way to compile everything? Or an alternate download for the modding tools/autocompiler?