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  1. Hey so in the image, what you're looking at is a complete language pack mod I found (Czech), just a folder with some files (left), with the first file open (right) and I've written notes for each line. Comment lines start with "--" and can actually be left in without causing problems. I'm also putting the text for the first file below, just let me know if notes and files like this is helpful for you. The other files won't be very different at all, and I'll be able to give instructions the same way. https://i.ibb.co/mSx6TcH/23-13-18.png Can help with everything except the actual translations. The way it works in those files is very simple, don't worry. Edit: and you'll be happy to know at least one of the files has only 1 line inside. -- name as it will appear in steam workshop name = "Czech Language Pack" -- unlikely to be critically important for you, just change as expected id = "czechlanguagepack" -- up to you, i'll suggest "0.1" version = "0.1.1" -- edit the parts in quotes with a plain descriptive sentence, also change cz to your abbreviation as neeeded desc = {en = "Czech translation of the game.\n\nVersion: "..version, cz = "\nBalíček s češtinou do hry.\n\nVerze: "..version} -- no changes needed description = desc[language] or desc["en"] -- your name author = "Kappa, KeeBLeeC & Relred" -- no changes needed forumthread = "" -- no changes needed api_version = 10 -- no changes needed priority = 1 -- no changes needed, but MAY benefit from changing to false if you don't need the mod to work with singleplayer dont starve dont_starve_compatible = true -- no changes needed dst_compatible = true -- no changes needed all_clients_require_mod = false -- no changes needed client_only_mod = true -- change as expected, can also have no tags by changing to {} server_filter_tags = {"czech"} -- no changes needed for your situation, would involve more work than just these two lines if you wanted a custom icon icon_atlas = "czechlanguage.xml" icon = "czechlanguage.tex"
  2. Hi! Can I ask what language you’d like to translate to? I haven’t done any language mods specifically, but I’d like to help you out and I think I have enough knowledge to make this easy and doable for you. Let me know and I’ll lay the groundwork for you and put together any info you’ll need to move forward with it.
  3. Yep wherever you unzipped it to! For me it’s C:/ktools/krane.exe. Depends on whether you ended up with a redundant directory when you unzipped. Whatever the path up to and including krane.exe is. For example my commands look like: “C:/ktools/krane.exe” anim.bin build.bin . Notice the period at the end, that’s because I like to cd to the unzipped asset folder before running the command, and the . is where you specify where the dump should go. Often, a dot means the folder where you’re executing the command. If you don’t go that route, you’ll have to type the full paths of the anim and build, and then likely again for the output parameter at the end, so I prefer that way. If you can verify for me that your krane works, I can send you an “easy krane” tool that I use personally. I think you’ll like how simple it makes the process.
  4. Try using the full path in your commands. For me krane won’t work otherwise even though it’s in my env variables. Thinking about it now, might help if you move krane higher (closer to first) in your path variables. Referencing it as ‘krane’ might be resolving okay, but you may be getting a dependency (also from path) that windows thinks is identical but isn’t. Maybe getting the one packaged with krane is why only the direct fullpath method works (assuming it does for you). Let me know what you find out, good luck
  5. So at the moment I've solved the friendliness issue by giving Nicole the 'beefalo' tag. That takes care of a lot of things, but not the shaving while awake problem. I was able to get that working by changing prefabs/beefalo.lua, specifically the CanShaveTest function from: local function CanShaveTest(inst) if inst.components.sleeper:IsAsleep() then return true else return false, "AWAKEBEEFALO" end end ...to: local function CanShaveTest(inst) local player = GetClosestInstWithTag("player", inst, 2) if inst.components.sleeper:IsAsleep() or player ~= nil and player:HasTag("Nicole") then return true else return false, "AWAKEBEEFALO" end end But, I'd rather extend it instead of including a modified prefabs/beefalo.lua file like you've been helping me with. So it looks like you're extending component functions in your (awesome) examples, what about if the target function is in a prefab? Is that something we can do? Also which file should the extension be in? nicole.lua or modmain.lua?
  6. Absolutely! I’ve done mods including a character with a custom companion. I’ll work with you on your ideas.
  7. Thanks! Will go that route. Would you mind giving a really basic example for extending existing functions? I know enough to know that supplying a modified beefalo prefab isn’t ideal but I’m just not sure on syntax for extending. Thanks again I’ll definitely be taking a peek, appreciate the tip
  8. Hi! I've just completed a character mod (Nicole & Nando) and I'd like to implement interactions between her and Beefalo. Basic friendliness will do the job as a starting point but after doing some research and finding a few threads (found info for similar functionality for bees and frogs) I'm realizing that beefalo are one of the more complex mobs due to their already-complex interactions with players. I've learned that the combat components (IsValidTarget) and modmain.lua (tags) are likely to see changes but this is my first custom behaviour tweak that will require new tags, functions, and component changes in general. I imagine this might involve or conflict with some of the domestication functions in beefalometrics.lua, but those aren't restricted/required on my end. I'll add that I'm a decent coder but new to lua, so bear with me. I haven't posted code but will work at it and update as pointers come in! Any tips or info on how to proceed with this would be so appreciated. For now I really just want her to be able to be around them and shear them without any issue. Thank you for reading! This is a great community. I'm working on a mod tool for character development/testing that I'm excited to share one day soon.