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  1. Solved, sorry everyone i'm 99% sure it was having a capital letter in Config but but now that i think of it i never touched it for it to break in the first place but it started working again regardless, idk i'm happy thanks for any help though.
  2. No i even tried downloading both from github and steam and changing the configs that way, uninstalling the other to test each one, i'm reading on the comments in steam other people are having this issue, but i don't know what could cause a config file to go bad.. Is the config template hardcoded into the mod to be read? If you could try the mod and follow the config instructions and change it and let me know if it works for you i'd appreciate it. The mod itself is working, just with the default settings.. its extremely frustrating lol..
  3. Anyone using this mod can confirm its still working? I know the mod itself it still working but the config file any changes made are not changing. Help please really enjoy this mod.
  4. Anyone else want to see schedules be able to be made per week instead of day, that way you can give dupes full days off to simulate vacations of sorts, I like setting up nice end game resorts with all the recreational buildings but for them to get used i'd have to completely eliminate a dupe from working unless i micro manage his schedule, would love to be able to automate it with a more optimized schedule.
  5. Man i so badly want to open the save file but i keep getting Oni not responding
  6. Please can someone create a mod that makes a new motion sensor with increased range 18x18 spaces would be ideal, but keep the existing one with 5x5, Carith has a mod that makes the range adjustable but it is plagued with bugs, standard buildings would work A lot better. Or if there is a tutorial on how to make it, please and thank you!