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  1. Hey everyone, So I organized the sailing competition and I want to share the video recording with you. I have to say the hardest thing was getting players to the start line and making sure their boats won't crash before the competition (knowing how difficult it can be to manage DST boats). The competition was a great challenge for all the players and only 1 person survived the race. What do you think about such live events? Do you prefer events that you can do at your pace (The Year of The Carrat) or the ones you need to do with other players (The Forge)?
  2. Heroes of the Dark World is a private server for players who know how to survive and want more than just a regular Don't Starve Together experience. Here are some unique things you will find on our server: Admin Organized Event - We have events such as The Sailing Competiton (show your sailing skills and win rewards), My Base is My Kingdom (build your base and earn special rewards to improve your base), Valentine's day celebration (craft special Valentine's day items and have fun) and more. Player Ranks and Reward - Players who survive long enough can achieve hero ranks and craft unique items based on their rank. Heroes of the Dark World server is open 24/7. The server is located in Germany, Frankfurt. Join Heroes of the Dark World Discord channel for more info, server rules and password: https://discord.gg/5BVwE24 You can find server live streams on my Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/legionofhades/
  3. I understand. No specific dates need to be mentioned but at least the things we can expect this year. Here's a good example of how a roadmap should look. Seeing this roadmap makes you excited about what is coming up next.
  4. More challenge that is not optional.
  5. Hmmm. I would like to be excited but I did not hear anything specific. The post says that the new stuff is coming (well, it's obvious) but no details of what we can expect in the upcoming months. I though the roadmap will be something like: March - x character will be refreshed. This update will include... ( a brief description of what we can expect ) April - New island will be added. This update will include... ( a brief description of what we can expect ) May - New x character release. This update will include... ( a brief description of what we can expect ) June - New gameplay mechanics will be implemented. This update will include... ( a brief description of what we can expect ) and stay tuned for more... Well, at least this is how imagined the roadmap. Hmmm.
  6. I do agree that it looks like a nice aesthetic update but it does not add much to the gameplay. I would rather see 2 new biomes than 1 elevated biome. Such things take time and I do think that the game devs already spend a lot of time on aesthetic updates such as skins instead of adding new content to the game.
  7. Need more islands, monsters and bosses. Basically, more stuff to explore. I wish it would take at least 50-100 days to explore the whole overworld. Now you can explore huge overworld in 10-15 days. Even if biomes would keep repeating, I still like the idea of having unexplored areas.
  8. Can we play Forge? I will join with Winona.
  9. What really makes this game boring is being predictive. It means if you know how to kite mobs, you won't get hit. When winter comes, you know you need to do a, b and c. This game can be difficult for beginners, but once you learn it, it's just following the same patterns over and over again.
  10. Bigger ocean, more dangerous islands, greater weapons and armors, stronger monsters and bosses. Simply told, more endgame stuff. I think the game has enough content for new players. Totally agree. The game is not optimized for bigger servers.
  11. Hello, I'm wondering if it would be possible to create a mod that allows to rank players based on how many days they survived. Simply told, all the server players could see players ranked by their survival time. It would include both online and offline players. Can you provide any guidance on how to achieve this or maybe you would be interested in creating this mod?
  12. [concept] IRL tournaments?

    Personally, I would like to create a PVP server where 2 islands are generated on the server, then players randomly spawn on these 2 islands and join one of the teams. The goal is to sail to another island with your team and capture the flag or destroy another team's base. You mean this: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dontstarvetogetherheroes/announcements/detail/3585362898510840452 ?
  13. Glommer's Gender

    Here you go.
  14. Hey everyone, My Heroes of the Dark World server will have a fresh start and I'm going to do a live stream on January 23 at 12pm Pacific time. If you would like to play with me, feel free to join the Steam group for password: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/dontstarvetogetherheroes/ If you are interested in the glass eyebrella stream drop, you can watch my live stream on January 23 at 12pm Pacific time here: https://www.twitch.tv/legionofhades Have a happy Year of the Carrat!
  15. [Poll] Summer

    Well, I normally do the same things as in other seasons. If you have the eyebrella and thermal stones, you are more than fine.