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  1. Great. I take this opportunity to thank you for this excellent game, I speak well of it around me
  2. Please delete thread. I deconstructed a rail by mistake, eggs were stuck in the conveyor entry. Sry
  3. All eggs appeared on the right of the left door of the stable
  4. "Moving" the room by unbuilding everything and shifting everything 5 tiles right made stone hatchling eggs appear. Those were not visible before, so the bug is more like in the "invisible egg" category'.
  5. I'm not sure what causes this, maybe elderly critters that die or eggs that are swept are still counted alive. See screenshot : the critter drop-off correctly counts 6 hatches, yet the room overlays counts 9, and all hatches are in "Cramped" state. Also there is no egg or critter of any sort in the room. I tried unbuilding doors, grooming station, reloading the game and so on, but it does not resolve anything. So... ranches must shrink all the time until extinction otherwise hatches wont lay eggs. This is very problematic.