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  1. I see the same thing. Initial load works fine with no graphical issues. Load the save game again, and the shadows/lights start flickering madly (enough to trigger an immediate headache & initial symptoms of a migraine). Exit the game entirely (to desktop), then start and there will be no flickers again. I started with the swamp asteroid, so the alternative start to the person above. It does not happen on the starting asteroid, but flickers in ships and the asteroid you can teleport to (Spaced Out) - I haven't visited other asteroids yet, but my guess would be that every environment that is not the original asteroid is affected (based on that both the ships and the other asteroid flicker together with the information from the original reporter where again their starting asteroid is ok but second asteroid and ships flicker there too). Running Debian 10 Buster, 64Bit. SYSTEM INFO: Platform=LinuxPlayer OSname=Linux 5.9 Debian GNU/Linux 10 64bit OSversion= CPUmodel=PC CPUdeviceType=Desktop ProcBits=64 CPUcount=32 CPUtype=AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16-Core Processor SystemMemoryMegs=32126 GPUgraphicsDeviceID=9348 GPUname=GeForce RTX 3070/PCIe/SSE2 GPUgraphicsDeviceType=OpenGLCore GPUgraphicsDeviceVendor=NVIDIA Corporation GPUgraphicsDeviceVendorID=4318 GPUgraphicsDeviceVersion=OpenGL 4.5.0 NVIDIA 455.45.01 GPUmemoryMegs=8192 GPUgraphicsMultiThreaded=False GPUgraphicsShaderLevel=50 GPUmaxTextureSize=32768 GPUnpotSupport=Full GPUsupportedRenderTargetCount=8 GPUsupports2DArrayTextures=True GPUsupports3DTextures=True GPUsupportsComputeShaders=True GPUsupportsImageEffects=True GPUsupportsInstancing=True GPUsupportsRenderToCubemap=True GPUsupportsShadows=True GPUsupportsSparseTextures=True System Language=English Happens reliably on the second and every following load of any save game after starting ONI. To get rid of the flickering, ONI must be closed to the desktop entirely in between each save game load. Reproduction steps (as per attached video): 1. Load the attached save. Game loads without flickering. 2. When the save loads, go to the load menu and load it a second time without exiting ONI. (Or exit to the Main Menu and load the save game again from the main menu). 3. Screen will be flickering madly as soon as the save game loads for the second time (it's saved from on the secondary asteroid so the flickering is immediately visible). Every additional attempt to load a game will also flicker. ONI_LinuxFlickering.mp4 Player-prev.log Quarantined Moonbase.sav
  2. Build: EX1-445987-0 Dupe "Francis" has the bonus skill "Hard Digging". After putting the dupe through the skill scrubber (to change his other skill), the starting bonus skill is also scrubbed and the skillpoint that had been in that bonus skill is returned. This is both unexpected (starting bonuses should not be erasable - especially as there are often significant penalties to the dupe to offset that bonus), and potentially exploitable (as a dupe with good stats but an otherwise unwanted starting skill can be used to get a dupe that immediately has 2 selectable skill points to put into skills matching their stats on arrival rather than the normal one by immediately scrubbing them). * Hovering over the bonus skill shows that the dupe would have a morale penalty for relearning the skill (display bug - they actually don't). * Actually relearning it the starting bonus of no morale penalty is actually applied (so at least you can restore the starting skill by simply reusing the skill point to learn that skill again). Restoring the skill by simply relearning it works for level 1 skills. It does not work for level 2 or 3 skills when the dupe does not have the prerequisites needed to learn the skill normally, breaking the ability for the pawn to have a skill in an area that they do not otherwise specialize in (e.g. a dupe having "Critter Ranching 1" just so that they could move wild critters to different rooms, without having to be a farmer). For example, if the Dupe "Jean" in the save file is skill-scrubbed, her existing set of skills could not be restored because she could not restore the Critter Ranching 1 bonus skill without having to use a skill point on Farming. This also interferes with the use of duplicants with bonus skills for setting up other asteroids. By not being able to safely skill scrub them without losing their bonus, you either have the choice of not letting them use skill points on their original asteroid or having them have morale needs too high to be able to send them to another asteroid to help set it up because those morale needs could not yet be satisfied there. This is a very hefty additional penalty on those duplicants when other duplicants are able to have their skills reset for lower morale needs and then have their skills be fully repurchased when either the other asteroid is up and running or on return to their original asteroid. Cesspool-SkillScrubbed.sav
  3. Can I please ask what counts as a "building" for this achievement? I have the following, but none of them appear to be counted (save attached): * Mess table, 4.7K + 4.5K * Robo miner, 4.7K * Liquid tank, 4.7K * Pumps, 4.7K + 4.5K * Tempshift Plates at 4.5-4.7K * Drywall at 4.5-4.7K * Several ladders, 4.7K * Hydrosensor at 4.7K The Subterranean Burrow.sav Second try after the save above (didn't attach this save): * Deodorizer failed to trigger * Battery failed to trigger * Bottle Emptier failed to trigger * Critter Drop-off failed to trigger Third try (save attached): * Mechanized Airlock, 4-5K * Kiln, 4-5K Achievement is reporting that the coldest "building" is 16.1K - but I've searched and cannot find anything on the map at that temperature. There's insulation tiles at 15.9K, so it's not counting tiles. There's a hydrosensor at 16.2K - but that already failed in the first attempt. I'm extremely frustrated at this point - especially as the mechanized airlock was the originally reported building for this issue that had been marked as fixed (and since it was fixed a couple of weeks prior to the release of Meep's Recreation Pack I had believed that this bug fix was in the pack). The Subterranean Burrow.sav Following advice from this comment: I tried exiting the game and loading the second of the save files I'd uploaded. The achievement was granted on loading the game. This means that it had not been properly granting it during play...it shouldn't have needed a game reload in order for the achievement to trigger. I then went back and retested the original save game I uploaded - and it also triggered immediately on load. I spent a bit over 2 hours of testing & frustration trying to trigger this achievement...and all I actually needed to do was exit the game and then restart the game and load the save. :-/
  4. I'm seeing the error occur as well, though I don't know if it occurs every time the sparkle streaking buff expires. The game log after the error occurs contains: I've attached the full log, and the Autosave from a just before the error occurred. Otto is currently eating dinner, then will go to bed - the error happens while he is in bed (despite the sparkle streaking supposedly having 0.8 cycles remaining - is that supposed to be ended/cancelled by sleeping?). I'm playing on Linux through Steam - Debian 10 "Buster", 64 bit. Player.log The Subterranean Burrow Cycle 333.sav