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  1. It's down for me too. It only shows me something written in German(according to google translate) which was "Dieser Account ist zur Zeit nicht erreichbar. Bitte versuchen Sie es zu einem sp├Ąteren Zeitpunkt noch einmal. which google translated it to "This account is currently not available Please try again later."
  2. Oh, very sorry then! my bad. I tried it in my own server too, and Woodie's goose form was working alright, no teleporting back. I guess the bug was fixed already? or it's just a really rare occurance. Once again, I'm sorry..
  3. You can only find the 3 trinkets after the suspicious marbles are broken [new moon/full moon]. The world will still be ruined.
  4. Hi, I don't think this is a bug... but I don't know for sure. [I tried it in beta and nothing was wrong...or maybe it was already fixed?] I think this is the result of "lag compensation". Basically, the game will try and predict where you're going to go. If you were to play in a public server/dedicated/Not hosted by you and you get a ping spike / just have a bad ping in the server / the server is lagging, you will try to move forward and get pulled back. Try turning off lag compensation and you'll see [probably] that your character isn't moving because of the lag, or just have a really long delay.
  5. This happens quite a lot in krampus farming with bunnymen too, so yeah... the krampus needs to get hit before it jumps into his sack. Only way to fix it is to rollback [dedicated server]. Maybe rejoining a hosted world could fix it too. It's an old bug, I suppose. [Also free sanity+health for wigfrids]
  6. Okay, I have a .tex file of let's say a beefalo icon of some sort, but I need the x and y of that .tex file so i can put it in the .xml folder. How do I find out the exact coordinates? I saw the file from Kzisor, the 'texture and atlas packer' and I've downloaded the requirements, but it still isn't working.. So I'm asking.. Is there any other program to check the coordinates of a .tex file? Thanks!
  7. Ah, I See, thanks a lot ! Just 1 question left, does this mean we as the creator will have to live with our reskin mod? because you said we're replacing our own gamefiles, right?
  8. I've been wondering on how people make reskin mods where the mod files are only the icons, anim, modinfo, but either no modmain.lua or the modmain.lua is empty. How do they do that? Is it just simply exporting the anim into animation exports and done? I don't think it's like that, is it?? Here's 2 examples of mods without modmain.lua(s) - -
  9. This is just a question I want to ask out of the blue. What Makes an anim invisible ? I've seen people having issues when reskinning mobs/items where their mob/item is invisible. I want to know what makes the mob/item invisibe, so maybe with this information, people can solve that problem by themselves. Thanks !
  10. Thank You So Much for the help ! Really appreciate it ! . And Yeah, It's weird that they made all the inventory images get crammed in one file o~o. Maybe because they don't think anyone would change inventory images ? and just add them , who knows ! (Oh and now i know why mine wasn't working Dx, it's because I took the inventoryimages.tex file from the game before the She sells sea shells update. So this means I have to update it as Klei releases new inventory items Dx. Oh well... Thanks For the help once again!!)
  11. Thanks! So I should just be able to make an images folder in my mod folder and not have to worry about exporting the tex files into DST's mod files. So I don't have to export this 'inventoryimage.tex' to DST's folder or do I have to export the .tex file so the game knows that it should replace the .tex image? also should the only code I'm going to put inside the modmain.lua only Asset("IMAGE", "image/inventoryimage.tex") or is there more? Thanks Overall !
  12. Ah, no need apologizing, maybe I wasn't that clear enough . I tried it with krane and it doesn't make the file it's suppose to make. Also, Thank you for giving me the tools, Now I should be able to reskin the inventory images... ah, last question, since we're trying to export a .tex file into the game, and i assume it counts as image, should I make a new folder called 'Image exports' and then 2 folders inside that folder called 'exported' and 'image' ? or it doesn't matter and everything goes into 'animation exports' folder ?
  13. Ah, Thank You for the information, but I still have one more question... when I replace the texture of '' and export that into the game, the inventory image of the item doesn't change. I heard that all the inventory images are located in data > images > intentoryimages.tex , but i found it a bit harder to edit that single berry image with a whole lot of other images blocking my way. Is there a way for me to change the inventory image of the berries using spriter? (so all the inventory images will be separated into individual pngs)or does spriter only work for .zip files since 'inventoryimages.tex' doesnt have a build.bin nor an anim.bin ? - Hope that made sense, I'm not the best at explaining..
  14. So, I'm trying to make a mod where I re-skin an item (replacing the original texture). [Let's say I'm reskinning berries] My Questions are : 1. How do you replace an item's inventory image ? 2. Is The code for reskinning an item the same/similar to reskinning a mob/enemy. If not, could you tell me the codes ? 3. Enlighten me with some other coding information for reskinning items, its inventory image, and adding items to DST Thanks !