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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Ok i need to know where that is from
  2. I played Gorge a fair amount, and i think never encountered a Wes there either. Neither did i encounter one during both Forge Seasons (Season 1 played frequently, Season 2 not so much)
  3. Honestly, i encountered more Wendy's than Wes's actually... i think i only ever encountered 1 Wes during the entirety of my DST Playtime
  4. I'd be willing to pay that price to hug that Evil Toaster
  5. I know it says Mobs, but i'd like to give a good 'ol hug to Webber, Wurt and WX-78 possibly
  6. I hate those things, i got like 5-8 in a row from 2 Trees
  7. I need a partner for this, anyone got the time to help me with this ? or tell me if there's a specific place to ask for a partner ?