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  1. It looks like I've found the source of the problem: it is not a matter of game build - it's a matter of files in `archived_verisons` folder. So the `preview.png` MUST be present in EACH folder of EACH mod's version. Well, for me as for developer this is a kind of unclear and unexpected behaviour
  2. Nice to hear this I've just updated my mod #1 with proper `mod_info.yaml` and `preview.png` so you can use it for testing if you need.
  3. My last comment is valid only for "Spaced Out!" builds - for vanilla build there are still no preview pics.
  4. Current solution of this problem: the `preview.png` file must be in the root folder of mod (previously it could be selected from any other place).
  5. I've just posted a screenshot and short description in bugs reports here: Hope it'll help.
  6. After MOD_INFO.YAML update there are no more preview images for translation mods - at least for me. See the attached screenshot. Some addition information. Mod #1 - "Русский Sci-Tech (workshop)" - public Steam mod ( Mod #2 - "Sci-Tech TEST (workshop)" - hidden Steam mod Mod #1 - has no changes since 12/12/20 game update, has no `mod_info.yaml`. Mod #2 - test mod, was updated after 12/12/20 game update with creating of `mod_info.yaml`. Current content of `mod_info.yaml`: supportedContent: VANILLA_ID,EXPANSION1_ID lastWorkingBuild: 0 I've tried all combinations of ["supportedContent: VANILLA_ID,EXPANSION1_ID", "supportedContent: ALL"] and [UTF-8, ASCII] encoding. Line-ending in `mod_info.yaml` is UNIX-style - \n. Last line also has \n. Mod was uploaded with ONI Mod Uploader, preview pic was changed and uploaded succesfully and is shown correctly via Steam Workshop site. Here is the log from last updating of Mod #2 23:43:18: Progress: Updating... 23:43:18: BeginUpdating() 23:43:18: BeginUpdating 0000000089e2fc9d [Sci-Tech TEST] 23:43:18: SharePreviewImage [mod_publish_preview.png] ... 23:43:18: Progress: Writing preview image... 23:43:18: WriteFileToCloud() Writing [E:\Переводы\OXY\test\preview.png] to [mod_publish_preview.png] 23:43:18: Steam file exists. 23:43:18: Steam FileWrite ok. 23:43:18: Start FileShare [mod_publish_preview.png] ... 23:43:18: Progress: Uploading preview image... 23:43:22: OnSharePreviewImgResult 23:43:22: EResult 1, 184de28d48c15ad6 23:43:22: FinalizeUpdate() 23:43:22: Progress: Committing update... 23:43:22: OnUpdatePublishedFileResult 23:43:22: EResult 1, 0000000089e2fc9d 23:43:22: EndProgress ok: Mod update completed. 23:43:22: MainFrame::OnUpdateComplete ok: Mod update completed. 23:43:27: RefreshPublishedModInfo 23:43:27: EnumerateUserPublishedFiles(0) 23:43:27: Progress: Updating Mod List... 23:43:27: OnEnumerateUserPublishedFiles 23:43:27: EResult 1, results 2/2 23:43:27: Complete 23:43:27: GetPublishedFileDetails(0)
  7. And why there is no more preview pictures for translation mods in main menu?
  8. Я не считаю Вашу критику в адрес Клея необоснованной. Я с ней согласен чуть более, чем полностью. Дальше вопрос только целеполагания. Если Вы поставили себе целью просто "напоминать разработкам", то Вы выбрали верный образ действий. Если Ваша цель - добиться изменений, то, как подсказывает мне моя имха, выбранными средствами ее не достичь. Но... Безумству храбрых (с) P.S. Спасибо за новое слово - "падик". Теперь буду знать. Все-таки нельзя сильно отрываться от молодого поколения
  9. It's a matter of taste. Серьезно Я просто предложил работающую альтернативу.
  10. This is not UI problem - by 95% this is a problem with "blind" localization. Thus Klei would be able to fix it only with complete reworking of the whole Russian translation. But this is the unreal scenario. Now a minute for self-promotion You can just install fully-tested translation mod and enjoy the game without UI glitches.