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  1. Is this for reaaal?! I never see any Winona in game, how is she on top?
  2. Don't worry you're not the only one! The number of bug nets I have to create each time and the time it takes to catch these butterflies afterwards... It's such a waste of time and ressources, eh.
  3. I had the same problem and it was because the "bloom" option was enabled in the graphic settings, you should take a look at it
  4. I don't know what you're talking about, florp.
  5. I just looked and you are right, thank you! I don't know why it activated by itself, eh Problem solved, if someone has the same thing, look at your graphics settings!
  6. Hello! I've noticed a few days ago that many things are now a lot brighter than before. I didn't do anything, it just appeared suddenly... Here are some screenshots as an example:
  7. I'm glad someone finally brought this issue to the forum. I've been playing on a personal server for a while now, but a friend told me that the ping displayed on my server was "????", and it becomes annoying because nobody joins my server D:
  8. I suppose you're talking about vegetables that we can grow, then the only one that restores sanity is watermelon. A grilled watermelon will give you 7.5 sanity, and you can easiely make a Melonsicle with ice and twigs for 20 sanity But I rather advise you to build mushroom planters and put green caps in it, they restore 15 sanity when cooked
  9. I'd say Wes. He's French, an artist, and the one that gives me the most gay vibes
  10. Since arranging a base around a flingomatic annoys me, I always settle down at oasis Otherwise I can also go for caves, where I'm looking for a nice spot with an exit close by, a pond, and eventually a swamp if there is one
  11. I only grow potatoes, pumpkins, and dragonfruits. I don't feel the need to have anything else when I'm not playing Warly stop bullying eggplants >:(
  12. I always make a tent and a wardrobe even though I never use them, because it's pretty I put a rainometer in my base If it goes well with my outift, I'm making a garland early game
  13. I think creating a new world and modifying the parameters works well enough Winter is too complicated? Put it on "none" or "very short" Having too much trouble finding twigs and grass? Put them on "lots" It allows everyone to change their world as they wish. But the best training in my opinion is to play the game the way it is. You're going to die a lot, but it's part of the game and you'll do better next time, or die some other way, eh