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  1. I wonder if this happens on dupes that traveled to another asteroid...? I noticed that you'll get a red hat symbol in a new asteroid when a dupe with a skill required for it just popped in, they are still recognized by being in the previous asteroid because their bed is there? Just wondering if this has something to do with it.
  2. ok that makes sense to me now! So I get wachunga's comparison with a smart battery, used for activating a power generator. I also appreciate the hysteresis wiki, although I will probably not dive into that just now... Fyrel your explaination had me retry a simulation in sandbox again to double check and you are of course right. So it can definately be used to trigger incoming water to pump in with a liquid shutoff. On the output side of the water reservoir, the "not" operator tells me when the reservoir is in a plentiful state (from going to High threshold & above, until going back down to the low threshold back again). So this I could use to tell a nearby building to become enabled if there is enough liquid that warrants a duplicate to come and operate a machine (thinking of the oil refinery for example).
  3. They might be working on more of this in the future, but keeping dupes separated in various screens we're used to is definately something that is there. If you look at the skill tree, there are arrows on the top of the dupe list to sort in diferent ways - the main name triangle sorter lets group them by asteroid. In the priorities screen, you get the same grouping. Schedules need a bit of a change, as it not necessarily show you on what asteroid they are. What I did for this was name the schedule based on the asteroid, ex 'Planet XYZ - Day Shift'. Also remember to switch your traveling dupes to have a bed for them on the destination, which means it's always good to have spare beds lying around for dupes that are in transit.
  4. I understand the low threshold. Meaning from 0% to say 50% Low, the reservoir will send a green signal saying to a pump keep on sending me liquid. But on the High threshold, the reservoir seems to continue to send a red signal (meaning to stop a pump from pumping in). I still dont get the high threshold.
  5. I find this type of automation port hard to understand. Can someone explain to me practical applications of the reservoir for automation ? I want to make sure the reservoir shuts down a liquid valve once 80% of the water has filled up in the reservoir. When does it turn green (does it mean go?), when it turns red ? From what I can tell, it sends a green signal from 0% until Low Threshold, then turns it red until the high threshold (and beyond), when I empty the reservoir from that point (from the beyond high threshold) down, it stays red until the low threshold is hit again turning it green signal again. So what would be the point of the high threshold?
  6. After the starting asteroid mapped, I also mapped the next asteroid and another one found, so the starmap shows no other asteroids. Where to go next? Is there a way to find new ones?
  7. This seems to be a problem, in that I have hydroponic farms that eject 5kg polluted water, which I believe happens when the plants are rubbed by the grub rub.
  8. Thanks, Phoenix
  9. Wow, that's a lot of good information there DemainaMyx! it seems like a lot of work indeed for poor returns. So for morbs to 'fall' down from the outhouses, I've seen some farm suggestions to use a mechanised door set on a daily timer to have them dropped in a holding pen (7 characters wide seeming to be the optimal walking distance), 1k PO2 pressure max. In a simulation, the morbs I had dropped down (I didnt actually wait for the outhouses to generate some) wouldn't drop down and seemed to stay happy right on top of the doors. Any ideas on that? Thanks !
  10. i read that already... What I'm not clear on, is does the outhouse need to be set to a very low priority so it never gets serviced or do you block dupes from getting to it?
  11. I couldn't find anything very recent on the forums, so posting on this... I am running out of slime for a mushroom farm, so I was thinking I would try to create a morb / puft farm... Questions: 1. Outhouse toilet, to create morbs, do you basically need to leave it unserviced (out of order?) in order for morbs to start appearing? 2. Is it better to have morbs on top or under pufts or does it not matter? 3. Do you need to have pufts proliferate in a 96 large area or leave it open? This is what I started so far: Thanks!