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  1. Spider nests on boats no longer regenerate spiders. Welp, time to find a new food source
  2. Out of curiosity, is the Eggy Tally game a mod?
  3. I love the new update! As far as QOL changes... The unravel duplicates button dosen't do anything for me because I only ever have 2 of one item and you have to click twice as much to unravel duplicates when you could just unravel the item regularly. I would reccomend a button in a different place with unravel all duplicates and create a checklist that you can confirm rather than just unravel the duplicates for one item :)
  4. Nice that Volt Goats are renewable now! I'm a bit confused about the seedshell changes, is it just leaks at the edge of the boat? Amazing changes!
  5. The reason this happens in my experience is when you move into deeper waters while having the anchor down. If seems unlikley to be a bug, and more of a logic thing.
  6. It's nice for adding your spider army to the sea's tho.
  7. When I tried to saddle Woby (big) with a Glossamer saddle the game crashed. It said it had a problem with my mods: Fix for too many items plus and Geometric Placement. I disabled the mods and the world won't load.
  8. The Shadow creatures that have not yet become corporeal can be healed using stuff like spider glands. I assume that this is a bug, I can't imagine why you would be able to interact with the shadow creatures before they become aggressive.
  9. You can farm hermit gifts by planting and killing a lureplant.
  10. when a touch stone generates with one of the edge surrounded by water it can loose a pig head.
  11. When a hound starts swimming in the water, if it was burning the fire will not be extinguished.