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  1. So after starting a new colony, I did something different. I've kept coal gens the whole time (though increasingly as a backup to natural gas and hydrogen as those resources became available), and so far at 175 cycles and 29 dupes, they are still being supplied despite being very far from the base. I suspect this is because -for whatever reason- I completely removed coal gens in the previous base only to decide I needed them again later. Hopefully that helps.
  2. Guys, seriously this has been a bug for THREE YEARS. Now I'm running out of Natural Gas, Coal was my back up plan and now that doesn't work either, so my base in in danger of dying. I literally have tons of coal sitting RIGHT NEXT to my coal generators at priority 9, slider at 100% and my dupes are completely ignoring them. I also tried dismantling all but 2 of them. Dupes will build them, dismantle them, disable them and enable them but they won't *#^%^ fill them with coal. I don't understand why they work fine in early game but once you get to about 20+ dupes they start to break.