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  1. i like how my style changed suddenly for this one but it turned out pretty okay so??
  2. something simple bc i don't have any ideas might not be there for tomorrow's stream bc of school work so if i happen to be absent, you know why lol
  3. having motivation issues lately so have another crossover doodle lol malbatross & cramorant
  4. i genuinely have no idea what to do for this one so i just drew the carrat one that someone posted here :') oh yeah and a late skittersquid & a peeper doodle because someone mentioned that they looked similar to peepers from subnautica
  5. i was experimenting w/ the waters on this one, tho i'm not too proud of how they turned out. oh wellll anyways, this is either a very long gnarwail or just a bunch of gnarwails lined up together
  6. here's a werepiggy !! i'm really loving this prompt so far for some reason haha
  7. first post ehehehe was too shy to say hello in the last stream :'D but i'll be sure to do so in the next !