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  1. In my case, I didn't install those libraries (either before when it worked, or after when it didn't). And I didn't install them again now when it works (first I've heard of a dedicated server guide, I'll look it up). I can say - when I started the game after the update, I'd get the screen opening, but black screen for about 3-5 seconds, then it would close and I'd find a core dump. After I copied the old version back into the game directory, it works again. So - the dedicated server libraries might be a red herring (maybe). steam_log.txt
  2. So, I've only had steam for about 5 days, have don't starve together, it worked, then stopped (same issue as here). Take what I did next with a grain of salt. Wanted the older version of the game (before auto-update) - so I went here: I then followed this guide: basically - I ran (from the terminal) - steam -console It starts up steam - but with a console tab (become admin to access it) Then from that console command line I did: download_depot 322330 322332 4273667276580057553 This is the version of the game from October 31st It takes a long time, but eventually downloads to: ~/.steam/ubuntu12_32/steamapps/content/app_322330/depot_322332/ Then you go to the steam games directory: cd ~/.steam/steamapps/common/Don't Starve Together And move all of those files to somewhere. Then copy the downloaded files to this directory. cp ~/.steam/ubuntu12_32/steamapps/content/app_322330/depot_322332/* ~/.steam/steamapps/common/Don't Starve Together Then, I go to steam, library, right click on the app, and mark to "don't update until I start the app", and I turn off networking so it won't be able to update when I start the app. and it works again So yeah, it broke with the new builds, but the October 31st build works. I don't know steam or this app very well, so while I "think" what I did was safe, correct me if it seems wrong - hope this helps someone else.