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  1. I'm not sure if this goes here or under bugs. My pc completely froze while opening up my solo DST world. It happens sometimes and I just force shut down no big deal. But this time when I tried to open the game, a download screen popped up. The game icon was there and I didn't check to see if the Klei files were there but why wouldn't they be? So I install a bit worried something went wrong and when I go to my servers they are all gone (I had four though only using two). I go into the game files/clusters and they are all there, Cluster 1 through 4 however the file that I ws playing (in cluster 4) is now gone. I mean the Master file is completely wiped. The Caves are still there and intact but no main folder. I attempted to reset my pc to an earlier date since there were no older versions for the game available but it said that it didn't modify my files. What the f happened and is it possible to get my files back? This is the second time I've had to get that specific world back and I have lost my mega collection of Halloween items as well as a forest I dedicated to Christmas ornaments and I don't want to lose them if possible.
  2. Playing as a starving Wigfrid, kills the Tallbirds and goes to harvest the eggs, the game freezes then crashes. Assumed it was a mod that was behaving weird so I unsubscribed and tried again, game crashed before even loading up server. Rollback a few days and all is fine until I try it again. Delete server and make a new one, starving Wig again goes for Tallbird eggs, game crashes.