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  1. what sort of hacking device did you use to create this map of Za warudo? Jar Jar Daze
  2. While i Do like vapor, I won't send my printed troops just yet, as i have yet to reaserch the vapor thingy power maker. Now i myself played "the proper gas mixture is currently not in this area" for about... 335 cyclists (number isn't specific, made on diffrent planets[aka saves], and is overall not precise) which is about 115h.
  3. I don't like slime, it's disgusting
  4. So, Today I've realised after brutally murdering my clone coloners that my printed Colony is running low on NoCarbonDiOxide and were quite literally dying. So I thought that they're ******* stupid and they're not supplying the plant destroyer thingy, so i looked at it. Alas, no Algae... what now?... I can't seem to find any on my map (playing on a diffrent rock start point), what do I do? Then it hit me... like sand falling onto a printed dude. I'll just use slime! I said to my self, feeling smart for once in my life. but alas, another problem hits. Algae made from this piece of crap machine makes it so full of slimelung that my grandmother is currently lying on the floor in the kitchen, screaming for help. If only there was a device that could have prevented this ********... Basically what I'm saying is, I need algae, and there isn't a machine that does it right, because there's only one machine, and it sucks ass. My idea was to create another machine that would use eg. Feltilizer and a bit of water to create algae and lets say... natural gas? it needs filtration medium (aka sand as they call it) and does(n't?) take piping. what do you think? here's a "thing" totally not related to this topic
  5. tl;dr: this ***** sucks, use the lumber gen, it may not be as efficient, but its cheap and gets the job done.
  6. It really doesn't matter tbh. like a lot of people said even when food is ******* swiped clean, made from the finest stale meat, properly managed, and run through 25 sinks, they're still disgusted. It was Meat on a stick that got me triggered. How can you not like beaten meat?
  7. So I've been playing this game, I don't know if you heard it, its called Air Is not Here, and When i fed my clone coloners, even tho the food was expertly done and delicious, these fuckheads were disgusted. I don't know if its a lack of taste or if its because i actually poisoned them but if you can you could fix it plz