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  1. I’m thinking of a good idea for a don’t starve mobile mod, how do I go about making this? What do I use and where do I post it to?
  2. This needs to become a thing!
  3. Can we Get DST on mobile?

    I agree but there’s a game called terraria and it’s got online multiplayer similar to pc DST so it’s possible, even if it means that the only thing added in is multiplayer
  4. DST For Mobile!

    Yes, well I’d prefer it not to but yes
  5. DST For Mobile!

    Can we please get Don’t Starve Together on mobile? I enjoy playing on pc but I really want to play it on my phone!
  6. Don’t starve together is great but I want to play it on my phone with my mates, can it please be put on iOS and android?